2009/12/22 - Apache Xang has been retired.

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Xang 1.0.0

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Samples to help you get started

Each of the subdirectories in the Xang samples directory contains the source files for one or more sample applications. These files need to be Web accessible - either copy these directories to your Web server, or create a mapping in your Web server to these directories.

When a client requests a .XAP file from your Web server, the Xang engine will be handed the request and will start running the code specified in the .XAP file.

NOTE: Some samples have path locations which need to be adjusted for your configuration.

Hello World

This sample application shows the basics of a Xang application. If this works, you know your system is configured correctly.


This application lets you browse a location on disk and generates HTML from XSL stylesheets. There are lots of other ways to do this, but, hey, it's an example.

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