2009/12/22 - Apache Xang has been retired.

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Xang 1.0.0

Getting Started


Sample Apps

Usage Patterns

Release Notes

Bug reporting

Version of Xang to use

Outstanding bugs

Outstanding bugs are recorded in the Apache XML Bug Tracking System. If you find a bug, please use this system to report it.

Build Notes
Rebuilding Xang

The Xang build is in xang.jar. The Xang source code tree is in the src directory. If you want to rebuild xang.jar, you can do the following:

  1. Set up GNU or the equivalent build environment on your workstation.

    If you are running Windows 95/98/NT, you can use the Cygwin port of GNU. Be sure to put the appropriate Cygwin bin directory at the beginning of your system path. For information about Cygwin, see Cygwin.

  2. Place xerces.jar in the Java class path.

  3. If you are working in Windows, set MAKE_MODE as follows:


  4. Run the make file in the Xang root directory:

    make build

If you want to do the build without the GNU build environment, keep the following in mind:

  • Set the class path to include the src directory, xerces.jar, bsf.jar, and bsfengines.jar.
  • Use a Java compiler (such as the IBM Just-In-Time compiler or the Sun javac) to compile all the .java files in the src tree.
  • Use the Sun jar utility to store the resulting .class files in xang.jar

Rebuilding a sample application

If you modify a sample, you do not need to re-compile. The Xang engine detects changes to XAP files and automatically re-loads them.

Getting in Touch

Your feedback is more than welcome. Offers of help are even more so! Perhaps you would like to contribute to the ongoing development, testing, or documentation of Xang?

The Xang project especially needs help with cleaning up the build system, essentially the makefiles.

Please email your comments, questions, suggestions, bug reports, and offers to help to Xang Development Mailing List.

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