Package org.apache.xalan.trace

Implementation of Xalan Trace events, for use by a debugger.


Interface Summary
TraceListener Interface the XSL processor calls when it matches a source node, selects a set of source nodes, or generates a result node.
TraceListenerEx Extends TraceListener but adds a SelectEnd event.
TraceListenerEx2 Extends TraceListenerEx but adds a EndTrace event.
TraceListenerEx3 Extends TraceListenerEx2 but adds extensions trace events.

Class Summary
EndSelectionEvent Event triggered by completion of a xsl:for-each selection or a xsl:apply-templates selection.
ExtensionEvent An event representing an extension call.
GenerateEvent Event generated by the XSL processor after it generates a new node in the result tree.
PrintTraceListener Implementation of the TraceListener interface that prints each event to standard out as it occurs.
SelectionEvent Event triggered by selection of a node in the style stree.
TraceManager This class manages trace listeners, and acts as an interface for the tracing functionality in Xalan.
TracerEvent Parent class of events generated for tracing the progress of the XSL processor.

Package org.apache.xalan.trace Description

Implementation of Xalan Trace events, for use by a debugger.

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