Package org.apache.xalan.templates

Implements the Templates interface, and defines a set of classes that represent an XSLT stylesheet.


Interface Summary
XSLTVisitable A class that implements this interface will call a XSLTVisitor for itself and members within it's heararchy.

Class Summary
AbsPathChecker This class runs over a path expression that is assumed to be absolute, and checks for variables and the like that may make it context dependent.
AVT Class to hold an Attribute Value Template.
AVTPart Class to hold a part, either a string or XPath, of an Attribute Value Template.
AVTPartSimple Simple string part of a complex AVT.
AVTPartXPath Simple string part of a complex AVT.
Constants Primary constants used in the TransformerImpl classes.
DecimalFormatProperties Implement xsl:decimal-format.
ElemApplyImport Implement xsl:apply-imports.
ElemApplyTemplates Implement xsl:apply-templates.
ElemAttribute Implement xsl:attribute.
ElemAttributeSet Implement xsl:attribute-set.
ElemCallTemplate Implement xsl:call-template.
ElemChoose Implement xsl:choose.
ElemComment Implement xsl:comment.
ElemCopy Implement xsl:copy.
ElemCopyOf Implement xsl:copy-of.
ElemElement Implement xsl:element
ElemEmpty Simple empty elem to push on the stack when nothing else got pushed, so that pop() works correctly.
ElemExsltFuncResult Handles the EXSLT result element within an EXSLT function element.
ElemExsltFunction Implement func:function.
ElemExtensionCall Implement an extension element.
ElemExtensionDecl Implement the declaration of an extension element
ElemExtensionScript Implement Script extension element
ElemFallback Implement xsl:fallback.
ElemForEach Implement xsl:for-each.
ElemIf Implement xsl:if.
ElemLiteralResult Implement a Literal Result Element.
ElemMessage Implement xsl:message.
ElemNumber Implement xsl:number.
ElemOtherwise Implement xsl:otherwise.
ElemParam Implement xsl:param.
ElemPI Implement xsl:processing-instruction.
ElemSort Implement xsl:sort.
ElemTemplate Implement xsl:template.
ElemTemplateElement An instance of this class represents an element inside an xsl:template class.
ElemText Implement xsl:template.
ElemTextLiteral Implement a text literal.
ElemUnknown Implement an unknown element
ElemUse Implement xsl:use.
ElemValueOf Implement xsl:value-of.
ElemVariable Implement xsl:variable.
ElemWhen Implement xsl:when.
ElemWithParam Implement xsl:with-param.
FuncDocument Execute the Doc() function.
FuncFormatNumb Execute the FormatNumber() function.
FuncKey Execute the Key() function.
KeyDeclaration Holds the attribute declarations for the xsl:keys element.
NamespaceAlias Object to hold an xsl:namespace element.
OutputProperties This class provides information from xsl:output elements.
RedundentExprEliminator This class eleminates redundent XPaths from a given subtree, and also collects all absolute paths within the subtree.
Stylesheet Represents a stylesheet element.
StylesheetComposed Represents a stylesheet that has methods that resolve includes and imports.
StylesheetRoot This class represents the root object of the stylesheet tree.
TemplateList Encapsulates a template list, and helps locate individual templates.
VarNameCollector This class visits variable refs in an XPath and collects their QNames.
WhiteSpaceInfo This is used as a special "fake" template that can be handled by the TemplateList to do pattern matching on nodes.
XMLNSDecl Represents an xmlns declaration
XSLTVisitor A derivation from this class can be passed to a class that implements the XSLTVisitable interface, to have the appropriate method called for each component of an XSLT stylesheet.
XUnresolvedVariable An instance of this class holds unto a variable until it is executed.
XUnresolvedVariableSimple This is the same as XUnresolvedVariable, but it assumes that the context is already set up.

Package org.apache.xalan.templates Description

Implements the Templates interface, and defines a set of classes that represent an XSLT stylesheet.

StylesheetRoot implements the Templates interface, and extends StylesheetComposed, which is a Stylesheet composed of itself and its included Stylesheet objects. A StylesheetRoot also contains a global list of all imported StylesheetComposed objects. The role of these objects is to hold immutable stylesheet data, not to perform procedural tasks associated with the construction of the data (the org.apache.xalan.processor package) or with the transformation (the org.apache.xalan.transformer package).

ElemTemplateElement is the superclass of all XSLT instruction elements, including Stylesheet. The xFunc classes extend members of the org.apache.xpath package and implement XSLT functions. Unlike the Stylesheet "container" objects, the instruction element and function classes do contain procedural execute() methods that are called during the transformation.

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