Class ElemCopy


public class ElemCopy
extends ElemUse

Implement xsl:copy.


See Also:
copying in XSLT Specification, Serialized Form
**For advanced use only**

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void execute(TransformerImpl transformer)
          The xsl:copy element provides an easy way of copying the current node.
 java.lang.String getNodeName()
          Return the node name.
 int getXSLToken()
          Get an int constant identifying the type of element.
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Constructor Detail


public ElemCopy()
Method Detail


public int getXSLToken()
Get an int constant identifying the type of element.
The token ID for this element
getXSLToken in class ElemTemplateElement
See Also:


public java.lang.String getNodeName()
Return the node name.
This element's name
getNodeName in class ElemTemplateElement


public void execute(TransformerImpl transformer)
             throws TransformerException
The xsl:copy element provides an easy way of copying the current node. Executing this function creates a copy of the current node into the result tree.

The namespace nodes of the current node are automatically copied as well, but the attributes and children of the node are not automatically copied. The content of the xsl:copy element is a template for the attributes and children of the created node; the content is instantiated only for nodes of types that can have attributes or children (i.e. root nodes and element nodes).

The root node is treated specially because the root node of the result tree is created implicitly. When the current node is the root node, xsl:copy will not create a root node, but will just use the content template.

transformer - non-null reference to the the current transform-time state.
TransformerException -  
execute in class ElemUse

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