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Packages that use CSSStyleDeclaration

Uses of CSSStyleDeclaration in org.w3c.dom.css

Methods in org.w3c.dom.css that return CSSStyleDeclaration
 CSSStyleDeclaration ViewCSS.getComputedStyle(Element elt, java.lang.String pseudoElt)
          This method is used to get the computed style as it is defined in [CSS2].
 CSSStyleDeclaration ElementCSSInlineStyle.getStyle()
          The style attribute.
 CSSStyleDeclaration CSSPageRule.getStyle()
          The declaration-block of this rule.
 CSSStyleDeclaration DocumentCSS.getOverrideStyle(Element elt, java.lang.String pseudoElt)
          This method is used to retrieve the override style declaration for a specified element and a specified pseudo-element.
 CSSStyleDeclaration CSSStyleRule.getStyle()
          The declaration-block of this rule set.
 CSSStyleDeclaration CSSFontFaceRule.getStyle()
          The declaration-block of this rule.

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