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Release notes for Xalan-C++ version 1.10

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.10

Major updates since version 1.9 include:

  • Support for XML 1.1 and Namespaces in XML 1.1.
  • Added support for IBM XLC 7.0 compiler on Linux.
  • Improved and stabilized C pluggable memory management functionality.
  • Various improvements in Xalan XML serializers for better performance and stability.
  • Upgrade from Xerces-C 2.6 to Xerces-C 2.7.
  • Bugs fixed in this release.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

The bugs fixed in this release include:

  • XALANC-572: Compile failure on SuSE80AMD_64b_GCC322
  • XALANC-569: Compile-time assert on 32-bit Solaris and HPUX due to IEEE754 issue
  • XALANC-568: Pattern "/" does not match the pseudo root document of a node-set obtained from a result-tree fragment via exsl:node-set
  • XALANC-511: Crash during XalanTransformer::initialize on AIX
  • XALANC-554: Xalan-C does not implement erratum 25
  • XALANC-552: Problems with the new serializers with CDATA and unrepresentable or special characters
  • XALANC-558: Latest source code does not build with the Intel compiler on Windows
  • XALANC-555: XalanEXSLTDateTime.cpp has too many platform-specifc ifdefs
  • XALANC-421: omit-xml-declaration ignored
  • XALANC-529: Xalan-C sometimes creates empty text nodes in RTFs or sends empty characters() events to FormatterListeners
  • XALANC-530: Serializers filter attributes unnecessarily
  • XALANC-245: substring-before and substring-after
  • XALANC-115: Need to catch use of variables in xsl:key attributes
  • XALANC-540: XPath absolute location path does not work when the context node was obtained from a result tree fragment through exsl:node-set()
  • XALANC-544: Assert failure, then crash, during "variable undefined" error recovery in certain circumstances.
  • XALANC-543: Crash when calling a template that wrongly uses xsl:with-param instead of xsl:param to declare its parameter.
  • XALANC-539: XalanMap needs to compact buckets to prevent long search times and ever-increasing memory usage.
  • XALANC-542: XalanDocumentFragmentXNodeSetBaseProxy::dereferenced() is not implemented properly
  • XALANC-538: Better handling for non-existent node test
  • XALANC-541: Fixes for zOS build
  • XALANC-455: Problem when releasing InputSource obtained through an EntityResolver
  • XALANC-535: If an error/warning message contains not-displayable character for the local encoding , no message is shown at all
  • XALANC-532: FormatterToXMLUnicode does not serialize UTF-8
  • XALANC-536: ElemNumber uses extra temporary strings
  • XALANC-537: XalanC source code quotes incorrectly license protected documents
  • XALANC-526: Use of undefined stricmp breaks compilation on Linux
  • XALANC-513: ICUFormatNumberFunctor has some MemoryManager issues
  • XALANC-507: Safety improvements for XalanVector::insert()
  • XALANC-506: Remove references to stlport directory in Makefile.incl.in
  • XALANC-505: DirectoryEnumerator.hpp will not build on Solaris 10 with Sun Workshop 10
  • XALANC-502: XalanDOMStringCache has initializer list out of order
  • XALANC-501: Creation of comments and PIs needs to detect illegal values
  • XALANC-500: Remove old "diagnostic" output from StylesheetRoot and XSLTEngineImpl
  • XALANC-497: Local variables or parameters in EXSLT-functions are interpreted as global
  • XALANC-496: Glitches in header files
  • XALANC-493: Problem with XALAN_STATIC_CHECK on HP-UX IA64
  • XALANC-492: Various pluggable memory management bugs.
  • XALANC-490: XalanFileReporter is inconsistent in its usage of pluggable memory management
  • XALANC-489: XalanMemMgrs has a thread-safety issue
  • XALANC-488: XSLTInputSource does not support pluggable memory management
  • XALANC-487: URISupport does not provide explicit MemoryManager
  • XALANC-485: GCC warns about order of members in initializer list
  • XALANC-484: Remove compiler warnings about placement delete for HP's aCC compiler
  • XALANC-483: XercesParserLiaison does not create Xerces-C DOM instances with namespaces support enabled.
  • XALANC-482: Remove compiler warnings
  • XALANC-470: runConfigure does not pass link options to Makefile for AIX platform
  • XALANC-465: Add alt tag to footer.html page under html/apiDocs tree.
  • XALANC-463: Transforming an XML DOM document encapsulated within an XercesDOMWrapperParsedSource object triggers an invalid heap pointer exception if XSL opens other XML document with 'document()' function.
  • XALANC-460: Linux/xlC port
  • XALANC-448: TestXSLT/process.cpp compilation fails, interface broken in FormatterToText.hpp
  • XALANC-445: generate-id() inserts periods into name which limits usage

Bug reporting

All known Xalan-C++ bugs are listed in JIRA (the Apache bug database). For a list of open bugs with links to each bug report, see XalanC open bugs. If you find a new bug, please enter a XalanC bug report in this database.

NoteBefore you can enter your first bug report, you must submit your email address to JIRA and receive a password.

We strongly encourage you write patches for problems you find and submit them to xalan-dev@xml.apache.org. We review the patches we receive to make sure they do not break something else, and (assuming they do not) include them in our next release. In the interest of fixing bugs, adding enhancements, and addressing outstanding design issues, we sincerely want (and need!) your active participation in the ongoing development of Xalan.

Version of Xerces-C++ to use

Xalan-C++ version 1.10 has been tested with Xerces-C++ version 2.7.0.

For information about including the Xerces-C++ libraries on the path, see Setting up the system path.

Important You may experience unpredictable anomalies if your Xalan and Xerces builds are not in synch. If you download an update to Xalan, check the release notes to determine which version of Xerces you should use.

To-do tasks for future Xalan-C++ releases
  • Performance improvements
  • Add support for extension elements

  • Fix any conformance bugs we or our users find

Watch the Xalan Development Mailing List for more information and for ideas about how you can get involved.

Getting in Touch

Your feedback is more than welcome. Offers of help are even more so! Perhaps you would like to contribute to the ongoing development, testing, or documentation of Xalan-C++.

Please email your comments, questions, suggestions, bug reports, and offers to help to Xalan Development Mailing List.

Cumulative history of software changes

The following sections list the changes in each release since Xalan-C++ version 0.40.0.

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.9

Major updates since version 1.8 include:

  • Pluggable Memory Management. This feature allows applications to maintain precise control over memory allocations. This will allow users, with knowledge of their application's characteristics, to provide a more efficient allocation method than the general purpose procedures provided by the system. for more information on how to use this feature, please see the Pluggable Memory Management section of the Programming page.
  • Improved stability on the execution of large stylesheets and XML documents. Because the current implementation relies on function recursion, certain stylesheets/input documents may cause the program stack to overflow and cause the application to fail. It also may inhibit executing stylesheets that are heavily dependent on recursive functions. This feature will prevent these types of failure.
  • Provided a global option to pool all text node strings. This feature allows developers to set a flag to determine if a parsed source tree will pool the values of all of the text nodes in the XML document. By doing so, this can result in a significant reduction in memory usage, particularly if there are a lot of repeated values in text nodes. Please see the class descriptions for XalanSourceTreeDocument, XalanDefaultParsedSource, and XalanTransformer in the API Reference section for more information.
  • Added support for Microsoft Studio .NET V7.1. Project files for Microsoft Studio .NET V7.1 have been provided under the directory xml-xalan\c\Projects\Win32\VC7.1.
  • Upgrade from Xerces-C 2.5 to Xerces-C 2.6.

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.8

Major updates since version 1.7 include:

  • Upgrade from Xerces-C 2.4 to Xerces-C 2.5.
  • Provide build support for Cygwin and HP-UX 11.00 on Itanium. Although binary distributions are not provided for the Cygwin environment and HP-UX 11.00 on Itanium platform, the build configuration files provided in the source distribution can be used to build on these platforms.
  • Project files for supporting Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Although a binary distribution for the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET is not provided in this release, Visual Studio solution files are provided in the Windows source distribution for those who choose to build on this platform. Please see "Step for doing a Windows Build with Visual Studio .NET" for details.
  • Additional changes to Xerces Deprecated DOM support. This is another step towards phasing out the support for Xerces Deprecated DOM. Users are encouraged to modify their applications to interface with the new Xerces DOM support. For more information on the effects of these changes to your build environment, please see "Steps for doing a Build with Xerces Deprecated DOM Support"
  • Implemented optimizations to significantly improve the throughput of the ICU-enabled "format-number" function.
  • Changes in the XML Serializer. The serializer will no longer put a newline after the xml header tag unless indent="yes". See bugzilla 24304 and 28386.

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.7

Major updates since version 1.6 include:

  • Message Localization Support. This feature enables Xalan-C++ to issue diagnostic messages in languages other than the default language (English). In order to utilize this feature, the user must provide a version of the Xalan-C++ message catalog that has been translated in their language of choice. For more information on how to exploit this feature, please see Steps for doing a Build with Message Localization Support.
  • Build, packaging, and installation improvements. Changes to the Xalan-C++ makefiles now allow for a more flexible build, packaging, and install process. Each step in a typical build process can be invoked by specifying the appropriate target, for example to build the executable, and/or samples, or install the build at user-specified location. For more information on building Xalan-C++, please see Steps for doing a Unix build .
  • Deprecated DOM Support. The XercesBridge classes have been marked deprecated and moved into an exclusive directory within the xalanc/XercesParserLiaison directory called 'Deprecated'. If your application is dependent on these classes to interface with the deprecated Xerces DOM you must alter your include directive with the 'Deprecated' directory. For example:

    #include "xalanc/XercesParserLiaison/XercesDocumentBridge.hpp"

    should be changed to:

    #include "xalanc/XercesParserLiaison/Deprecated/XercesDocumentBridge.hpp"

  • Upgrade from Xerces-C 2.3 to Xerces-C 2.4.
  • Porting of ThreadSafe example to UNIX platform.
  • Implementation of EXSLT string extension functions encode-uri() and decode-uri().
  • Implementation of EXSLT dynamic extension function evaluate().
  • Implementation of EXSLT date-time extension function date-time().

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.6

Major updates since version 1.5 include:

  • Directory "sane include" reorganization. A new sub-directory called 'xalanc' has been added to the src directory (for source distribution packages) and include directory (for binary distribution packages). New source files which include Xalan headers will need to be modified to include the 'xalanc' prefix in the header path. For example:

    #include <XPath/XObject.hpp>

    will need to be changed to

    #include <xalanc/XPath/XObject.hpp>

    For Windows users, all project files have been modified to reflect this change. For UNIX users, please see Steps for doing a UNIX build for migration considerations.

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.5

Major updates since version 1.4 include:

  • For Windows, Xalan-C++ is now packaged as a single DLL. The project files to build separate DLLs are now deprecated and will not be maintained.
  • Support for Xerces-C++ DOMNode classes.
  • New sample TransformToXercesDOM that illustrates how to perform a transform resulting in a Xerces-C++ DOMDocument
  • Usage of the Xerces-C++ C++ namespace and creation of Xalan-C++ namespace.

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.4

Major updates since version 1.3 include:

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.3

Major updates since version 1.2 include:

  • A new and simplified command-line utility: the Xalan executable
  • New XPath samples exploiting the XPathEvaluator C API and illustrating serialization of an XPath result set: SimpleXPathCAPI and SerializeNodeSet
  • A new wrapper class that lets you pass in a Xerces DOM as input for a transformation
  • Bug fixes.
  • Changed XPathException to XalanXPathException because of a clash with a new Xerces class of the same name.

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.2

Major updates since version 1.1 include:

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.1

In addition to adding to the list of platforms on which Xalan-C++ builds, our focus for this release has been on bug fixes, performance enhancements, and providing a simplified C++ and C API for performing standard transformations. Major updates since version 1.0 include:

  • Added HP-UX 11 build.

  • Added Solaris build.

  • Greatly improved performance.

  • Improved conformance to the XSLT specification.

  • Simplified the C++ API and provided a C API for performing standard transformations with the XalanTransformer class and associated header files.

  • Added sample illustrating use of XalanTransformer and the new C++ API: XalanTransform.

  • Added sample illustrating use of XalanTransformer, the new C API, and how to run Xalan-C++ and perform transformations on an Apache Web server: ApacheModuleXSLT.

  • Added the StreamTransform sample.

  • Eliminated dependencies on non-public Xerces headers; accordingly can now build with the Xerces distribution.

  • Fixed namespace mapping and inheritance problems.

  • Fixed failure of <copy-of ...> to include CRLFs (if any) in the result.

  • Fixed bug sorting in reverse document order based on position.

  • Fixed <xsl:number> bug with use of letter-value="traditional" for "classical" Greek numbering.

  • Fixed use of <xsl:fallback> within a top-level extension function.

  • Fixed HTML output method bug. The <HEAD> element was not including a <META> tag with the encoding.

  • Fixed bug using key() in match patterns to find descendants.

  • Fixed bug using the id() function in complex match patterns.

  • Fixed problem outputting multiple single-character CDATA sections.

  • Fixed problem outputting whitespace characters.

  • Fixed problem transforming from a stream on UNIX platforms.

  • Fixed a bug with the document() function, which was generating a syntax error if called in the following manner: document(string,/).

  • Fixed named templates bug accepting global parameter when called with a parameter of the same name that the named template does not recognize.

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 1.0

Major updates since version 0.40.0 include:

  • Full support for namespace handling

  • Full implementation of the format-number() function and support for the decimal-format element

  • Integration with the International Components for Unicode (ICU) for number formatting, sorting, and output encoding

  • Support for the exclude-result-prefixes attribute

  • Support for the output encoding attribute

Changes for Xalan-C++ version 0.40.0

Major updates since version 0.30.0 include:

  • Permitting OS file names (as well as URLs) as command-line arguments with TestXSLT

  • Stricter compliance for HTML and XML output

  • Improved handling of relative URI's

  • Improved handling of Import and Include

  • Better namespace handling (although there are still problems here)

  • Support for Document() function

  • Support for XPath predicates

  • Better handling of parameters to stylesheet and templates

  • Full implementation of axes ( with the exception of namespace:: )

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