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version 1.2m1

Interface InlineMetaWriter

All Known Implementing Classes:
NullWriter, ResourceTypeWriter

public interface InlineMetaWriter

The Value associated with a Record can be prefixed by a header containing 'inline' metadata. This class writes the metadata carried by the header. The original motivation for this extension is to support binary resources in the same filer where the XML documents live.

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Method Summary
 byte[] getMetadata(InlineMetaMap map)
          Create the metadata.
 int getVersion()
          The header version created by the implementing writer.

Method Detail


public int getVersion()
The header version created by the implementing writer.


public byte[] getMetadata(InlineMetaMap map)
                   throws InlineMetaException
Create the metadata. The contents are drawn from the map.

map - from which the metadata is drawn
InlineMetaException - if the map is not usable by this writer, or is missing required entries.

Xindice API
version 1.2m1

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