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Packages that use Document
org.apache.xalan.processor Parses an XSLT stylesheet document (which may include and import other stylesheet documents) and produces a StylesheetRoot (a TRaX Templates object). 
org.apache.xalan.templates Implements the Templates interface, and defines a set of classes that represent an XSLT stylesheet. 
org.apache.xalan.xslt Implementation of Xalan command-line interface. 
org.apache.xml.utils Implementation of Xalan utility classes. 
org.apache.xpath.domapi Implements DOM Level 3 XPath API 

Uses of Document in javax.xml.parsers

Methods in javax.xml.parsers that return Document
 Document DocumentBuilder.parse( is)
          Parse the content of the given InputStream as an XML document and return a new DOM Document object.
 Document DocumentBuilder.parse( is, java.lang.String systemId)
          Parse the content of the given InputStream as an XML document and return a new DOM Document object.
 Document DocumentBuilder.parse(java.lang.String uri)
          Parse the content of the given URI as an XML document and return a new DOM Document object.
 Document DocumentBuilder.parse( f)
          Parse the content of the given file as an XML document and return a new DOM Document object.
abstract  Document DocumentBuilder.parse(InputSource is)
          Parse the content of the given input source as an XML document and return a new DOM Document object.
abstract  Document DocumentBuilder.newDocument()
          Obtain a new instance of a DOM Document object to build a DOM tree with.

Uses of Document in org.apache.xalan.processor

Classes in org.apache.xalan.processor that implement Document
 class ProcessorCharacters
          This class processes character events for a XSLT template element.
 class ProcessorExsltFuncResult
          This class processes parse events for an exslt func:result element.
 class ProcessorExsltFunction
          This class processes parse events for an exslt func:function element.
 class ProcessorImport
          This class processes parse events for an xsl:import element.
 class ProcessorInclude
          TransformerFactory class for xsl:include markup.
 class ProcessorLRE
          Processes an XSLT literal-result-element, or something that looks like one.
 class ProcessorStylesheetDoc
          This class processes the xsl:stylesheet element.
 class ProcessorStylesheetElement
          TransformerFactory for xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform markup.
 class ProcessorTemplateElem
          This class processes parse events for an XSLT template element.
 class ProcessorText
          Process xsl:text.
 class ProcessorUnknown
          This class processes an unknown template element.
 class WhitespaceInfoPaths
 class XSLTElementProcessor
          This class acts as the superclass for all stylesheet element processors, and deals with things that are common to all elements.

Uses of Document in org.apache.xalan.templates

Classes in org.apache.xalan.templates that implement Document
 class DecimalFormatProperties
          Implement xsl:decimal-format.
 class ElemApplyImport
          Implement xsl:apply-imports.
 class ElemApplyTemplates
          Implement xsl:apply-templates.
 class ElemAttribute
          Implement xsl:attribute.
 class ElemAttributeSet
          Implement xsl:attribute-set.
 class ElemCallTemplate
          Implement xsl:call-template.
 class ElemChoose
          Implement xsl:choose.
 class ElemComment
          Implement xsl:comment.
 class ElemCopy
          Implement xsl:copy.
 class ElemCopyOf
          Implement xsl:copy-of.
 class ElemElement
          Implement xsl:element
 class ElemEmpty
          Simple empty elem to push on the stack when nothing else got pushed, so that pop() works correctly.
 class ElemExsltFuncResult
          Handles the EXSLT result element within an EXSLT function element.
 class ElemExsltFunction
          Implement func:function.
 class ElemExtensionCall
          Implement an extension element.
 class ElemExtensionDecl
          Implement the declaration of an extension element
 class ElemExtensionScript
          Implement Script extension element
 class ElemFallback
          Implement xsl:fallback.
 class ElemForEach
          Implement xsl:for-each.
 class ElemIf
          Implement xsl:if.
 class ElemLiteralResult
          Implement a Literal Result Element.
 class ElemMessage
          Implement xsl:message.
 class ElemNumber
          Implement xsl:number.
 class ElemOtherwise
          Implement xsl:otherwise.
 class ElemParam
          Implement xsl:param.
 class ElemPI
          Implement xsl:processing-instruction.
 class ElemSort
          Implement xsl:sort.
 class ElemTemplate
          Implement xsl:template.
 class ElemTemplateElement
          An instance of this class represents an element inside an xsl:template class.
 class ElemText
          Implement xsl:template.
 class ElemTextLiteral
          Implement a text literal.
 class ElemUnknown
          Implement an unknown element
 class ElemUse
          Implement xsl:use.
 class ElemValueOf
          Implement xsl:value-of.
 class ElemVariable
          Implement xsl:variable.
 class ElemVariablePsuedo
 class ElemWhen
          Implement xsl:when.
 class ElemWithParam
          Implement xsl:with-param.
 class KeyDeclaration
          Holds the attribute declarations for the xsl:keys element.
 class NamespaceAlias
          Object to hold an xsl:namespace element.
 class OutputProperties
          This class provides information from xsl:output elements.
 class Stylesheet
          Represents a stylesheet element.
 class StylesheetComposed
          Represents a stylesheet that has methods that resolve includes and imports.
 class StylesheetRoot
          This class represents the root object of the stylesheet tree.
 class WhiteSpaceInfo
          This is used as a special "fake" template that can be handled by the TemplateList to do pattern matching on nodes.

Methods in org.apache.xalan.templates that return Document
 Document ElemTemplateElement.getOwnerDocument()
          Get the stylesheet owner.
 Document ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.getOwnerDocument()

Uses of Document in org.apache.xalan.xslt

Methods in org.apache.xalan.xslt with parameters of type Document
 void EnvironmentCheck.appendEnvironmentReport(Node container, Document factory, java.util.Hashtable h)
          Stylesheet extension entrypoint: Dump a basic Xalan environment report from getEnvironmentHash() to a Node.

Uses of Document in org.apache.xalan.xsltc.runtime

Methods in org.apache.xalan.xsltc.runtime that return Document
 Document AbstractTranslet.newDocument(java.lang.String uri, java.lang.String qname)

Uses of Document in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref

Classes in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref that implement Document
 class DTMNodeProxy
          DTMNodeProxy presents a DOM Node API front-end to the DTM model.

Methods in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref that return Document
 Document DTMNodeProxy.getOwnerDocument()

Uses of Document in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref.dom2dtm

Methods in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref.dom2dtm that return Document
 Document DOM2DTMdefaultNamespaceDeclarationNode.getOwnerDocument()

Uses of Document in org.apache.xml.utils

Classes in org.apache.xml.utils that implement Document
 class UnImplNode
          To be subclassed by classes that wish to fake being nodes.

Fields in org.apache.xml.utils declared as Document
 Document DOMBuilder.m_doc
          Root document

Methods in org.apache.xml.utils that return Document
 Document UnImplNode.getOwnerDocument()
static Document DOMHelper.createDocument(boolean isSecureProcessing)
          Deprecated. DOM Level 1 did not have a standard mechanism for creating a new Document object.
static Document DOMHelper.createDocument()
          Deprecated. DOM Level 1 did not have a standard mechanism for creating a new Document object.
 Document DOMHelper.getDOMFactory()
          Deprecated. Retrieve the factory object required to create DOM nodes in the result tree.
 Document DOM2Helper.getDocument()
          Deprecated. Query which document this helper is currently operating on.

Methods in org.apache.xml.utils with parameters of type Document
static void Hashtree2Node.appendHashToNode(java.util.Hashtable hash, java.lang.String name, Node container, Document factory)
          Convert a Hashtable into a Node tree.
 Element DOMHelper.getElementByID(java.lang.String id, Document doc)
          Deprecated. Given an ID, return the element.
 java.lang.String DOMHelper.getUnparsedEntityURI(java.lang.String name, Document doc)
          Deprecated. The getUnparsedEntityURI function returns the URI of the unparsed entity with the specified name in the same document as the context node (see [3.3 Unparsed Entities]).
 void DOMHelper.setDOMFactory(Document domFactory)
          Deprecated. Store the factory object required to create DOM nodes in the result tree.
 void DOM2Helper.setDocument(Document doc)
          Deprecated. Specify which document this helper is currently operating on.
 Element DOM2Helper.getElementByID(java.lang.String id, Document doc)
          Deprecated. Given an XML ID, return the element.

Constructors in org.apache.xml.utils with parameters of type Document
DOMBuilder.DOMBuilder(Document doc, Node node)
          DOMBuilder instance constructor...
DOMBuilder.DOMBuilder(Document doc, DocumentFragment docFrag)
          DOMBuilder instance constructor...
DOMBuilder.DOMBuilder(Document doc)
          DOMBuilder instance constructor...

Uses of Document in org.apache.xpath.domapi

Constructors in org.apache.xpath.domapi with parameters of type Document
XPathEvaluatorImpl.XPathEvaluatorImpl(Document doc)
          Constructor for XPathEvaluatorImpl.

Uses of Document in org.w3c.dom

Methods in org.w3c.dom that return Document
 Document DOMImplementation.createDocument(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName, DocumentType doctype)
          Creates a DOM Document object of the specified type with its document element.
 Document Node.getOwnerDocument()
          The Document object associated with this node.

Uses of Document in org.w3c.dom.html

Subinterfaces of Document in org.w3c.dom.html
 interface HTMLDocument
          An HTMLDocument is the root of the HTML hierarchy andholds the entire content.

Uses of Document in

Methods in that return Document
 Document LSParser.parse(LSInput input)
          Parse an XML document from a resource identified by a LSInput.
 Document LSParser.parseURI(java.lang.String uri)
          Parse an XML document from a location identified by a URI reference [IETF RFC 2396].
 Document LSLoadEvent.getNewDocument()
          The document that finished loading.

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