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less_null_terminated_arrays Struct Template Reference

This functor is designed to compare 0-terminated arrays. More...

#include <STLHelper.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<class T> struct less_null_terminated_arrays

This functor is designed to compare 0-terminated arrays.

It substitutes for the default less<type*> so that pointers to arrays can be compared, rather than copies of arrays. For example, you might want to use C-style strings as keys in a map, rather than string objects. The default algorithm less<const char*> would just compare the pointers, and not the vector of characters to which it points. Using this algorithm instead of the default will allow the map to work as expected.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<class T>
typedef std::binary_function< const T *, const T *, bool > less_null_terminated_arrays<T>::BaseClassType<const T*, const T*, bool>

template<class T>
typedef BaseClassType::first_argument_type less_null_terminated_arrays<T>::first_argument_type

template<class T>
typedef BaseClassType::result_type less_null_terminated_arrays<T>::result_type

template<class T>
typedef BaseClassType::second_argument_type less_null_terminated_arrays<T>::second_argument_type

Member Function Documentation

template<class T>
result_type less_null_terminated_arrays<T>::operator() ( first_argument_type theLHS,
second_argument_type theRHS ) const

Compare the values of two objects.

theLHS   first object to compare
theRHS   second object to compare
true if objects are the same

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