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XObjectResultTreeFragProxy Class Reference

#include <XObjectResultTreeFragProxy.hpp>

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Public Methods

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XObjectResultTreeFragProxy::XObjectResultTreeFragProxy ( const XObject & value,
MemoryManagerType & theManager )

XObjectResultTreeFragProxy::~XObjectResultTreeFragProxy ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

XObjectResultTreeFragProxy * XObjectResultTreeFragProxy::clone ( bool deep ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from XObjectResultTreeFragProxyBase.

XObjectResultTreeFragProxy * XObjectResultTreeFragProxy::cloneNode ( bool deep ) const [virtual]

Returns a duplicate of this node.

This function serves as a generic copy constructor for nodes.

The duplicate node has no parent ( parentNode returns null.).
Cloning an Element copies all attributes and their values, including those generated by the XML processor to represent defaulted attributes, but this method does not copy any text it contains unless it is a deep clone, since the text is contained in a child Text node. Cloning any other type of node simply returns a copy of this node.

deep   If true, recursively clone the subtree under the specified node; if false, clone only the node itself (and its attributes, if it is an Element).
The duplicate node.

Reimplemented from XObjectResultTreeFragProxyBase.

XalanNode * XObjectResultTreeFragProxy::getFirstChild ( ) const [virtual]

Gets the first child of this node.

If there is no such node, this returns null.

Reimplemented from XObjectResultTreeFragProxyBase.

XalanNode * XObjectResultTreeFragProxy::getLastChild ( ) const [virtual]

Gets the last child of this node.

If there is no such node, this returns null.

Reimplemented from XObjectResultTreeFragProxyBase.

MemoryManagerType & XObjectResultTreeFragProxy::getMemoryManager ( )

bool XObjectResultTreeFragProxy::hasChildNodes ( ) const [virtual]

This is a convenience method to allow easy determination of whether a node has any children.

true if the node has any children, false if the node has no children.

Reimplemented from XObjectResultTreeFragProxyBase.

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