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NodeSortKey Class Reference

Simple data structure class for use by the NodeSorter class. More...

#include <NodeSortKey.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Simple data structure class for use by the NodeSorter class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NodeSortKey::NodeSortKey ( ExecutionContext & executionContext,
const XPath * selectPat,
bool treatAsNumbers,
bool descending,
XalanCollationServices::eCaseOrder caseOrder,
const XalanDOMString & langValue,
const PrefixResolver & resolver )

Construct a node sort key.

executionContext   current execution context
selectPat   XPath for selection
treatAsNumbers   treat as numeric values if true
descending   sort in descending order if true
caseOrder   case sort order enum
langValue   language
resolver   resolver for namespace resolution

NodeSortKey::NodeSortKey ( )

NodeSortKey::NodeSortKey ( const NodeSortKey & theSource )

NodeSortKey::~NodeSortKey ( )

Member Function Documentation

XalanCollationServices::eCaseOrder NodeSortKey::getCaseOrder ( ) const

Get the enumeration value for the case order.

sort upper case before lower case if true

bool NodeSortKey::getDescending ( ) const

Whether to sort in descending order.

sort in descending order if true

const XalanDOMString & NodeSortKey::getLanguageString ( ) const

const PrefixResolver * NodeSortKey::getPrefixResolver ( ) const

Retrieve the resolver for namespaces.

object for namespace resolution

const XPath * NodeSortKey::getSelectPattern ( ) const

Retrieve the selection XPath.

XPath for selection

bool NodeSortKey::getTreatAsNumbers ( ) const

Whether to treat values as numbers.

treat as numeric values if true

NodeSortKey & NodeSortKey::operator= ( const NodeSortKey & theRHS )

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