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FormatterToHTML Class Reference

FormatterToHTML formats SAX-style events into HTML. More...

#include <FormatterToHTML.hpp>

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Detailed Description

FormatterToHTML formats SAX-style events into HTML.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef XalanVector< XalanHTMLElementsProperties::ElementProperties > FormatterToHTML::ElementPropertiesStackType<XalanHTMLElementsProperties::ElementProperties>

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FormatterToHTML::FormatterToHTML ( Writer & writer,
const XalanDOMString & encoding = XalanDOMString(XalanMemMgrs::getDummyMemMgr()),
const XalanDOMString & mediaType = XalanDOMString(XalanMemMgrs::getDummyMemMgr()),
const XalanDOMString & doctypeSystem = XalanDOMString(XalanMemMgrs::getDummyMemMgr()),
const XalanDOMString & doctypePublic = XalanDOMString(XalanMemMgrs::getDummyMemMgr()),
bool doIndent = true,
int indent = eDefaultIndentAmount,
bool escapeURLs = true,
bool omitMetaTag = false,
MemoryManagerType &theManager XALAN_DEFAULT_MEMMGR )

Constructor for customized encoding and doctype.

writer   The character output stream to use.
encoding   The character encoding in use by writer.
doctypeSystem   The system ID for the DOCTYPE.
doctypePublic   The public ID for the DOCTYPE.
doIndent   true if indenting should be enabled
indent   Number of spaces to indent at each nesting level.
escapeURLs   Whether or not to escape URLs according to the recommendation. The default is true.
omitMetaTag   Whether or not to output a META TAG according to the recommendation. The default is false.

FormatterToHTML::~FormatterToHTML ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void FormatterToHTML::accumCommentData ( const XalanDOMChar * data ) [protected, virtual]

Write the data for a comment.

data   The comment's data.

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

bool FormatterToHTML::accumDefaultEntity ( XalanDOMChar ch,
bool escLF ) [virtual]

Handle one of the default entities, return false if it is not a default entity.

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

void FormatterToHTML::cdata ( const XMLCh *const ch,
const unsigned int length ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

void FormatterToHTML::characters ( const XMLCh *const chars,
const unsigned int length ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

FormatterToHTML * FormatterToHTML::create ( MemoryManagerType & theManager,
Writer & writer,
const XalanDOMString & encoding,
const XalanDOMString & mediaType,
const XalanDOMString & doctypeSystem,
const XalanDOMString & doctypePublic,
bool doIndent,
int indent,
bool escapeURLs,
bool omitMetaTag ) [static]

void FormatterToHTML::endDocument ( ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

void FormatterToHTML::endElement ( const XMLCh *const name ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

void FormatterToHTML::entityReference ( const XMLCh *const name ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

bool FormatterToHTML::getEscapeURLs ( ) const

void FormatterToHTML::processingInstruction ( const XMLCh *const target,
const XMLCh *const data ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

void FormatterToHTML::setEscapeURLs ( bool flag )

void FormatterToHTML::startDocument ( ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

void FormatterToHTML::startElement ( const XMLCh *const name,
AttributeListType & attrs ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

void FormatterToHTML::writeAttrString ( const XalanDOMChar * theString,
XalanDOMString::size_type theStringLength ) [protected, virtual]

Write an attribute string.

theString   The string to write.
theStringLength   The length of the string.

Reimplemented from FormatterToXML.

void FormatterToHTML::writeCharacters ( const XalanDOMChar * theString,
XalanDOMString::size_type theLength ) [protected]

void FormatterToHTML::writeCharacters ( const XalanDOMString & theString ) [protected]

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