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ElemDecimalFormat Class Reference

#include <ElemDecimalFormat.hpp>

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Public Methods

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ElemDecimalFormat::ElemDecimalFormat ( StylesheetConstructionContext & constructionContext,
Stylesheet & stylesheetTree,
const AttributeListType & atts,
int lineNumber,
int columnNumber )

Construct an object corresponding to a decimal-format element.

constructionContext   context for construction of object
stylesheetTree   stylesheet containing element
atts   list of attributes for element
lineNumber   line number in document
columnNumber   column number in document

ElemDecimalFormat::~ElemDecimalFormat ( )

Member Function Documentation

const XalanDecimalFormatSymbols & ElemDecimalFormat::getDecimalFormatSymbols ( ) const

const XalanDOMString & ElemDecimalFormat::getElementName ( ) const [virtual]

Get a string for the name of the element.

Useful for debugging purposes, and error reporting.

A string containing the name of the element.

Reimplemented from ElemTemplateElement.

const XalanQName & ElemDecimalFormat::getQName ( ) const

const XPath * ElemDecimalFormat::getXPath ( unsigned int index = 0 ) const [virtual]

Get XPath pattern/expression of one of the element atribute.

@index number of the attribute. If an attribute has more then one attribute with pattern/expression,the order of the returned expressions are undefined

pointer or null

Reimplemented from ElemTemplateElement.

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