Class Hashtree2Node


public abstract class Hashtree2Node
extends java.lang.Object

Simple static utility to convert Hashtable to a Node.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void appendHashToNode(java.util.Hashtable hash, java.lang.String name, Node container, Document factory)
          Convert a Hashtable into a Node tree.
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Constructor Detail


public Hashtree2Node()
Method Detail


public static void appendHashToNode(java.util.Hashtable hash,
                                    java.lang.String name,
                                    Node container,
                                    Document factory)
Convert a Hashtable into a Node tree.

The hash may have either Hashtables as values (in which case we recurse) or other values, in which case we print them as <item> elements, with a 'key' attribute with the value of the key, and the element contents as the value.

If args are null we simply return without doing anything. If we encounter an error, we will attempt to add an 'ERROR' Element with exception info; if that doesn't work we simply return without doing anything else byt printStackTrace().

hash - to get info from (may have sub-hashtables)
name - to use as parent element for appended node futurework could have namespace and prefix as well
container - Node to append our report to
factory - Document providing createElement, etc. services

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