Package org.apache.xml.serializer

Processes SAX events into streams.


Interface Summary
DOM3Serializer This interface is not intended to be used by an end user, but rather by an XML parser that is implementing the DOM Level 3 Load and Save APIs.
DOMSerializer Interface for a DOM serializer implementation.
ExtendedContentHandler This interface describes extensions to the SAX ContentHandler interface.
ExtendedLexicalHandler This interface has extensions to the standard SAX LexicalHandler interface.
SerializationHandler This interface is the one that a serializer implements.
Serializer The Serializer interface is implemented by a serializer to enable users to: get and set streams or writers configure the serializer with key/value properties get an org.xml.sax.ContentHandler or a DOMSerializer to provide input to
SerializerTrace This interface defines a set of integer constants that identify trace event types.
TransformStateSetter This interface is meant to be used by a base interface to TransformState, but which as only the setters which have non Xalan specific types in their signature, so that there are no dependancies of the serializer on Xalan.

Class Summary
AttributesImplSerializer This class extends org.xml.sax.helpers.AttributesImpl which implements org.
ElemDesc This class has a series of flags (bit values) that describe an HTML element
EmptySerializer This class is an adapter class.
EncodingInfo Holds information about a given encoding, which is the Java name for the encoding, the equivalent ISO name.
Encodings Provides information about encodings.
Method This class defines the constants which are the names of the four default output methods.
NamespaceMappings This class keeps track of the currently defined namespaces.
OutputPropertiesFactory This class is a factory to generate a set of default properties of key/value pairs that are used to create a serializer through the factory SerilizerFactory.
OutputPropertyUtils This class contains some static methods that act as helpers when parsing a Java Property object.
SerializerBase This class acts as a base class for the XML "serializers" and the stream serializers.
SerializerFactory This class is a public API, it is a factory for creating serializers.
ToHTMLSAXHandler Deprecated. As of Xalan 2.7.1, replaced by the use of ToXMLSAXHandler.
ToHTMLStream This serializer takes a series of SAX or SAX-like events and writes its output to the given stream.
ToSAXHandler This class is used to provide a base behavior to be inherited by other To...SAXHandler serializers.
ToStream This abstract class is a base class for other stream serializers (xml, html, text ...) that write output to a stream.
ToTextSAXHandler Deprecated. As of Xalan 2.7.1, replaced by the use of ToXMLSAXHandler.
ToTextStream This class is not a public API.
ToUnknownStream This class wraps another SerializationHandler.
ToXMLSAXHandler This class receives notification of SAX-like events, and with gathered information over these calls it will invoke the equivalent SAX methods on a handler, the ultimate xsl:output method is known to be "xml".
ToXMLStream This class converts SAX or SAX-like calls to a serialized xml document.
TreeWalker This class does a pre-order walk of the DOM tree, calling a ContentHandler interface as it goes.
Version Administrative class to keep track of the version number of the Serializer release.

Package org.apache.xml.serializer Description

Processes SAX events into streams.

The SerializerFactory is used to create a Serializer from a set of output properties (see OutputKeys).

ToStream acts as the main baseclass for the Xalan serializer implementations. ToHTMLStream derives from this to implement HTML serialization. ToTextStream implements plain text serialization. ToXMLStream implements XML serialization.

XML mapping from characters to entity references is defined in XMLEntities.res. HTML entity reference mapping is defined in HTMLEntities.res.

Encoding information is defined in Encodings.

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