Class IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces


public class IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces
extends java.lang.Object
implements IncrementalSAXSource

IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces takes advantage of the fact that Xerces1 incremental mode is already a coroutine of sorts, and just wraps our IncrementalSAXSource API around it.

Usage example: See main().

Status: Passes simple main() unit-test. NEEDS JAVADOC.

Constructor Summary
          Create a IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces, and create a SAXParser to go with it.
IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces(org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser parser)
          Create a IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces wrapped around an existing SAXParser.
Method Summary
static IncrementalSAXSource createIncrementalSAXSource()
static IncrementalSAXSource createIncrementalSAXSource(org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser parser)
 java.lang.Object deliverMoreNodes(boolean parsemore)
          deliverMoreNodes() is a simple API which tells the coroutine parser that we need more nodes.
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
          Simple unit test.
 void setContentHandler(ContentHandler handler)
 void setDTDHandler(DTDHandler handler)
 void setLexicalHandler(LexicalHandler handler)
 void startParse(InputSource source)
          startParse() is a simple API which tells the IncrementalSAXSource to begin reading a document.
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Constructor Detail


public IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces()
                            throws java.lang.NoSuchMethodException
Create a IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces, and create a SAXParser to go with it. Xerces2 incremental parsing is only supported if this constructor is used, due to limitations in the Xerces2 API (as of Beta 3). If you don't like that restriction, tell the Xerces folks that there should be a simpler way to request incremental SAX parsing.


public IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces(org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser parser)
                            throws java.lang.NoSuchMethodException
Create a IncrementalSAXSource_Xerces wrapped around an existing SAXParser. Currently this works only for recent releases of Xerces-1. Xerces-2 incremental is currently possible only if we are allowed to create the parser instance, due to limitations in the API exposed by Xerces-2 Beta 3; see the no-args constructor for that code.
if - the SAXParser class doesn't support the Xerces incremental parse operations. In that case, caller should fall back upon the IncrementalSAXSource_Filter approach.
Method Detail


public static IncrementalSAXSource createIncrementalSAXSource()


public static IncrementalSAXSource createIncrementalSAXSource(org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser parser)


public void setContentHandler(ContentHandler handler)
Specified by:
setContentHandler in interface IncrementalSAXSource


public void setLexicalHandler(LexicalHandler handler)
Specified by:
setLexicalHandler in interface IncrementalSAXSource


public void setDTDHandler(DTDHandler handler)
Specified by:
setDTDHandler in interface IncrementalSAXSource


public void startParse(InputSource source)
                throws SAXException
startParse() is a simple API which tells the IncrementalSAXSource to begin reading a document.
Specified by:
startParse in interface IncrementalSAXSource
SAXException - is parse thread is already in progress or parsing can not be started.


public java.lang.Object deliverMoreNodes(boolean parsemore)
deliverMoreNodes() is a simple API which tells the coroutine parser that we need more nodes. This is intended to be called from one of our partner routines, and serves to encapsulate the details of how incremental parsing has been achieved.
Specified by:
deliverMoreNodes in interface IncrementalSAXSource
parsemore - If true, tells the incremental parser to generate another chunk of output. If false, tells the parser that we're satisfied and it can terminate parsing of this document.
Boolean.TRUE if the CoroutineParser believes more data may be available for further parsing. Boolean.FALSE if parsing ran to completion. Exception if the parser objected for some reason.


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
Simple unit test. Attempt coroutine parsing of document indicated by first argument (as a URI), report progress.

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