Package org.apache.xml.dtm

Interface Summary
DTM DTM is an XML document model expressed as a table rather than an object tree.
DTMAxisIterator This class iterates over a single XPath Axis, and returns node handles.
DTMFilter Simple filter for doing node tests.
DTMIterator DTMIterators are used to step through a (possibly filtered) set of nodes.
DTMWSFilter This interface is meant to be implemented by a client of the DTM, and allows stripping of whitespace nodes.

Class Summary
Axis Specifies values related to XPath Axes.
DTMAxisTraverser A class that implements traverses DTMAxisTraverser interface can traverse a set of nodes, usually as defined by an XPath axis.
DTMManager A DTMManager instance can be used to create DTM and DTMIterator objects, and manage the DTM objects in the system.

Exception Summary
DTMConfigurationException Indicates a serious configuration error.
DTMDOMException Simple implementation of DOMException.
DTMException This class specifies an exceptional condition that occured in the DTM module.

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