Package org.xml.sax.ext

Interface Summary
Attributes2 SAX2 extension to augment the per-attribute information provided though Attributes.
DeclHandler SAX2 extension handler for DTD declaration events.
EntityResolver2 Extended interface for mapping external entity references to input sources, or providing a missing external subset.
LexicalHandler SAX2 extension handler for lexical events.
Locator2 SAX2 extension to augment the entity information provided though a Locator.

Class Summary
Attributes2Impl SAX2 extension helper for additional Attributes information, implementing the Attributes2 interface.
DefaultHandler2 This class extends the SAX2 base handler class to support the SAX2 LexicalHandler, DeclHandler, and EntityResolver2 extensions.
Locator2Impl SAX2 extension helper for holding additional Entity information, implementing the Locator2 interface.

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