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Uses of AbstractView in org.w3c.dom.css

Subinterfaces of AbstractView in org.w3c.dom.css
 interface ViewCSS
          This interface represents a CSS view.

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Methods in that return AbstractView
 AbstractView UIEvent.getView()
          The view attribute identifies the AbstractView from which the event was generated.

Methods in with parameters of type AbstractView
 void UIEvent.initUIEvent(java.lang.String typeArg, boolean canBubbleArg, boolean cancelableArg, AbstractView viewArg, int detailArg)
          The initUIEvent method is used to initialize the value of a UIEvent created through the DocumentEvent interface.
 void MouseEvent.initMouseEvent(java.lang.String typeArg, boolean canBubbleArg, boolean cancelableArg, AbstractView viewArg, int detailArg, int screenXArg, int screenYArg, int clientXArg, int clientYArg, boolean ctrlKeyArg, boolean altKeyArg, boolean shiftKeyArg, boolean metaKeyArg, short buttonArg, EventTarget relatedTargetArg)
          The initMouseEvent method is used to initialize the value of a MouseEvent created through the DocumentEvent interface.

Uses of AbstractView in org.w3c.dom.views

Methods in org.w3c.dom.views that return AbstractView
 AbstractView DocumentView.getDefaultView()
          The default AbstractView for this Document, or null if none available.

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