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 LSInput DOMImplementationLS.createLSInput()
          Create a new empty input source object where LSInput.characterStream, LSInput.byteStream , LSInput.stringData LSInput.systemId, LSInput.publicId, LSInput.baseURI, and LSInput.encoding are null, and LSInput.certifiedText is false.
 LSInput LSLoadEvent.getInput()
          The input source that was parsed.
 LSInput LSResourceResolver.resolveResource(java.lang.String type, java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String publicId, java.lang.String systemId, java.lang.String baseURI)
          Allow the application to resolve external resources.
 LSInput LSProgressEvent.getInput()
          The input source that is being parsed.

Methods in with parameters of type LSInput
 Document LSParser.parse(LSInput input)
          Parse an XML document from a resource identified by a LSInput.
 Node LSParser.parseWithContext(LSInput input, Node contextArg, short action)
          Parse an XML fragment from a resource identified by a LSInput and insert the content into an existing document at the position specified with the context and action arguments.

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