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Methods in that return EventTarget
 EventTarget Event.getTarget()
          Used to indicate the EventTarget to which the event was originally dispatched.
 EventTarget Event.getCurrentTarget()
          Used to indicate the EventTarget whose EventListeners are currently being processed.
 EventTarget MouseEvent.getRelatedTarget()
          Used to identify a secondary EventTarget related to a UI event.

Methods in with parameters of type EventTarget
 void MouseEvent.initMouseEvent(java.lang.String typeArg, boolean canBubbleArg, boolean cancelableArg, AbstractView viewArg, int detailArg, int screenXArg, int screenYArg, int clientXArg, int clientYArg, boolean ctrlKeyArg, boolean altKeyArg, boolean shiftKeyArg, boolean metaKeyArg, short buttonArg, EventTarget relatedTargetArg)
          The initMouseEvent method is used to initialize the value of a MouseEvent created through the DocumentEvent interface.

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