Uses of Interface

Packages that use DOMImplementation
org.apache.xml.utils Implementation of Xalan utility classes. 

Uses of DOMImplementation in javax.xml.parsers

Methods in javax.xml.parsers that return DOMImplementation
abstract  DOMImplementation DocumentBuilder.getDOMImplementation()
          Obtain an instance of a DOMImplementation object.

Uses of DOMImplementation in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref

Methods in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref that return DOMImplementation
 DOMImplementation DTMNodeProxy.getImplementation()

Uses of DOMImplementation in org.apache.xml.utils

Methods in org.apache.xml.utils that return DOMImplementation
 DOMImplementation UnImplNode.getImplementation()

Uses of DOMImplementation in org.w3c.dom

Methods in org.w3c.dom that return DOMImplementation
 DOMImplementation DOMImplementationList.item(int index)
          Returns the indexth item in the collection.
 DOMImplementation Document.getImplementation()
          The DOMImplementation object that handles this document.
 DOMImplementation DOMImplementationSource.getDOMImplementation(java.lang.String features)
          A method to request the first DOM implementation that supports the specified features.

Uses of DOMImplementation in org.w3c.dom.bootstrap

Methods in org.w3c.dom.bootstrap that return DOMImplementation
 DOMImplementation DOMImplementationRegistry.getDOMImplementation(java.lang.String features)
          Return the first implementation that has the desired features, or null if none is found.

Uses of DOMImplementation in org.w3c.dom.css

Subinterfaces of DOMImplementation in org.w3c.dom.css
 interface DOMImplementationCSS
          This interface allows the DOM user to create a CSSStyleSheet outside the context of a document.

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