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Packages that use DOMException
org.apache.xalan.templates Implements the Templates interface, and defines a set of classes that represent an XSLT stylesheet. 
org.apache.xml.utils Implementation of Xalan utility classes. 
org.apache.xpath Implementation of XPath; for the most part, only classes meant for public use are found at this root level of the XPath packages. 
org.apache.xpath.domapi Implements DOM Level 3 XPath API 

Uses of DOMException in org.apache.xalan.templates

Methods in org.apache.xalan.templates that throw DOMException
 Node ElemTemplateElement.appendChild(Node newChild)
          Add a child to the child list.
 Node ElemTemplateElement.replaceChild(Node newChild, Node oldChild)
          Replace the old child with a new child.
 Node ElemTemplateElement.insertBefore(Node newChild, Node refChild)
 Node ElemLiteralResult.LiteralElementAttributes.removeNamedItem(java.lang.String name)
 Node ElemLiteralResult.LiteralElementAttributes.removeNamedItemNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
 Node ElemLiteralResult.LiteralElementAttributes.setNamedItem(Node arg)
 Node ElemLiteralResult.LiteralElementAttributes.setNamedItemNS(Node arg)
 Node ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.appendChild(Node newChild)
 java.lang.String ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.getNodeValue()
 Node ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.insertBefore(Node newChild, Node refChild)
 Node ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.removeChild(Node oldChild)
 Node ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.replaceChild(Node newChild, Node oldChild)
 void ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.setNodeValue(java.lang.String nodeValue)
 void ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.setPrefix(java.lang.String prefix)
 void ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.setValue(java.lang.String value)
 void ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.setTextContent(java.lang.String textContent)
 java.lang.String ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.getTextContent()
 short ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.compareDocumentPosition(Node other)
 Node ElemSort.appendChild(Node newChild)
          Add a child to the child list.

Uses of DOMException in org.apache.xml.dtm

Subclasses of DOMException in org.apache.xml.dtm
 interface DTMDOMException
          Simple implementation of DOMException.

Uses of DOMException in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref

Subclasses of DOMException in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref
 interface DTMNamedNodeMap.DTMException
          Simple implementation of DOMException.

Methods in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref that throw DOMException
 void DTMNodeProxy.setPrefix(java.lang.String prefix)
 java.lang.String DTMNodeProxy.getNodeValue()
 java.lang.String DTMNodeProxy.getStringValue()
 void DTMNodeProxy.setNodeValue(java.lang.String nodeValue)
 Node DTMNodeProxy.insertBefore(Node newChild, Node refChild)
 Node DTMNodeProxy.replaceChild(Node newChild, Node oldChild)
 Node DTMNodeProxy.removeChild(Node oldChild)
 Node DTMNodeProxy.appendChild(Node newChild)
 Element DTMNodeProxy.createElement(java.lang.String tagName)
 CDATASection DTMNodeProxy.createCDATASection(java.lang.String data)
 ProcessingInstruction DTMNodeProxy.createProcessingInstruction(java.lang.String target, java.lang.String data)
 Attr DTMNodeProxy.createAttribute(java.lang.String name)
 EntityReference DTMNodeProxy.createEntityReference(java.lang.String name)
 Node DTMNodeProxy.importNode(Node importedNode, boolean deep)
 Element DTMNodeProxy.createElementNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName)
 Attr DTMNodeProxy.createAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName)
 Text DTMNodeProxy.splitText(int offset)
 java.lang.String DTMNodeProxy.getData()
 void DTMNodeProxy.setData(java.lang.String data)
 java.lang.String DTMNodeProxy.substringData(int offset, int count)
 void DTMNodeProxy.appendData(java.lang.String arg)
 void DTMNodeProxy.insertData(int offset, java.lang.String arg)
 void DTMNodeProxy.deleteData(int offset, int count)
 void DTMNodeProxy.replaceData(int offset, int count, java.lang.String arg)
 void DTMNodeProxy.setAttribute(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String value)
 void DTMNodeProxy.removeAttribute(java.lang.String name)
 Attr DTMNodeProxy.setAttributeNode(Attr newAttr)
 Attr DTMNodeProxy.removeAttributeNode(Attr oldAttr)
 void DTMNodeProxy.setAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName, java.lang.String value)
 void DTMNodeProxy.removeAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
 Attr DTMNodeProxy.setAttributeNodeNS(Attr newAttr)
 Node DTMNodeProxy.adoptNode(Node source)
          NEEDSDOC Method adoptNode NEEDSDOC @param source
 void DTMNodeProxy.setTextContent(java.lang.String textContent)
          This attribute returns the text content of this node and its descendants.
 java.lang.String DTMNodeProxy.getTextContent()
          This attribute returns the text content of this node and its descendants.
 short DTMNodeProxy.compareDocumentPosition(Node other)
          Compares a node with this node with regard to their position in the document.
 Node DTMNodeProxy.renameNode(Node n, java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String name)
          DOM Level 3 Renaming node
 Text DTMNodeProxy.replaceWholeText(java.lang.String content)
          DOM Level 3
 void DTMNodeProxy.setXmlStandalone(boolean xmlStandalone)
 void DTMNodeProxy.setXmlVersion(java.lang.String xmlVersion)
 Node DTMNamedNodeMap.setNamedItemNS(Node arg)
          Adds a node using its namespaceURI and localName.
 Node DTMNamedNodeMap.removeNamedItemNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
          Removes a node specified by local name and namespace URI.
 Node DTMNodeIterator.nextNode()

Uses of DOMException in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref.dom2dtm

Methods in org.apache.xml.dtm.ref.dom2dtm that throw DOMException
 void DOM2DTMdefaultNamespaceDeclarationNode.setTextContent(java.lang.String textContent)
          This attribute returns the text content of this node and its descendants.
 java.lang.String DOM2DTMdefaultNamespaceDeclarationNode.getTextContent()
          This attribute returns the text content of this node and its descendants.
 short DOM2DTMdefaultNamespaceDeclarationNode.compareDocumentPosition(Node other)
          Compares a node with this node with regard to their position in the document.

Uses of DOMException in org.apache.xml.serializer.dom3

Methods in org.apache.xml.serializer.dom3 that throw DOMException
 java.lang.Object LSSerializerImpl.getParameter(java.lang.String name)
          This method returns the value of a parameter if known.
 void LSSerializerImpl.setParameter(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object value)
          This method sets the value of the named parameter.
 java.lang.String LSSerializerImpl.writeToString(Node nodeArg)
          Serializes the specified node and returns a String with the serialized data to the caller.

Uses of DOMException in org.apache.xml.utils

Methods in org.apache.xml.utils that throw DOMException
 Node UnImplNode.appendChild(Node newChild)
 Attr UnImplNode.removeAttributeNode(Attr oldAttr)
 Attr UnImplNode.setAttributeNode(Attr newAttr)
 void UnImplNode.removeAttribute(java.lang.String name)
 void UnImplNode.setAttribute(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String value)
 Attr UnImplNode.setAttributeNodeNS(Attr newAttr)
 void UnImplNode.removeAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
 void UnImplNode.setAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName, java.lang.String value)
 java.lang.String UnImplNode.getNodeValue()
 void UnImplNode.setNodeValue(java.lang.String nodeValue)
 void UnImplNode.setValue(java.lang.String value)
 Node UnImplNode.insertBefore(Node newChild, Node refChild)
 Node UnImplNode.replaceChild(Node newChild, Node oldChild)
 Node UnImplNode.removeChild(Node oldChild)
 void UnImplNode.setPrefix(java.lang.String prefix)
 Element UnImplNode.createElement(java.lang.String tagName)
 CDATASection UnImplNode.createCDATASection(java.lang.String data)
 ProcessingInstruction UnImplNode.createProcessingInstruction(java.lang.String target, java.lang.String data)
 Attr UnImplNode.createAttribute(java.lang.String name)
 EntityReference UnImplNode.createEntityReference(java.lang.String name)
 Node UnImplNode.importNode(Node importedNode, boolean deep)
 Element UnImplNode.createElementNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName)
 Attr UnImplNode.createAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName)
 void UnImplNode.setData(java.lang.String data)
          Set Node data
 java.lang.String UnImplNode.substringData(int offset, int count)
 void UnImplNode.appendData(java.lang.String arg)
 void UnImplNode.insertData(int offset, java.lang.String arg)
 void UnImplNode.deleteData(int offset, int count)
 void UnImplNode.replaceData(int offset, int count, java.lang.String arg)
 Text UnImplNode.splitText(int offset)
 Node UnImplNode.adoptNode(Node source)
          NEEDSDOC Method adoptNode NEEDSDOC @param source NEEDSDOC (adoptNode) @return
 void UnImplNode.setTextContent(java.lang.String textContent)
          This attribute returns the text content of this node and its descendants.
 java.lang.String UnImplNode.getTextContent()
          This attribute returns the text content of this node and its descendants.
 short UnImplNode.compareDocumentPosition(Node other)
          Compares a node with this node with regard to their position in the document.
 Node UnImplNode.renameNode(Node n, java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String name)
          DOM Level 3 Renaming node
 Text UnImplNode.replaceWholeText(java.lang.String content)
          DOM Level 3
 void UnImplNode.setXmlStandalone(boolean xmlStandalone)
 void UnImplNode.setXmlVersion(java.lang.String xmlVersion)

Uses of DOMException in org.apache.xpath

Methods in org.apache.xpath that throw DOMException
 Node NodeSet.nextNode()
          Returns the next node in the set and advances the position of the iterator in the set.
 Node NodeSet.previousNode()
          Returns the previous node in the set and moves the position of the iterator backwards in the set.

Uses of DOMException in org.apache.xpath.domapi

Methods in org.apache.xpath.domapi that throw DOMException
 XPathExpression XPathEvaluatorImpl.createExpression(java.lang.String expression, XPathNSResolver resolver)
          Creates a parsed XPath expression with resolved namespaces.
 java.lang.Object XPathEvaluatorImpl.evaluate(java.lang.String expression, Node contextNode, XPathNSResolver resolver, short type, java.lang.Object result)
          Evaluates an XPath expression string and returns a result of the specified type if possible.

Uses of DOMException in org.w3c.dom

Methods in org.w3c.dom that throw DOMException
 void Element.setAttribute(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String value)
          Adds a new attribute.
 void Element.removeAttribute(java.lang.String name)
          Removes an attribute by name.
 Attr Element.setAttributeNode(Attr newAttr)
          Adds a new attribute node.
 Attr Element.removeAttributeNode(Attr oldAttr)
          Removes the specified attribute node.
 java.lang.String Element.getAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
          Retrieves an attribute value by local name and namespace URI.
 void Element.setAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName, java.lang.String value)
          Adds a new attribute.
 void Element.removeAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
          Removes an attribute by local name and namespace URI.
 Attr Element.getAttributeNodeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
          Retrieves an Attr node by local name and namespace URI.
 Attr Element.setAttributeNodeNS(Attr newAttr)
          Adds a new attribute.
 NodeList Element.getElementsByTagNameNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
          Returns a NodeList of all the descendant Elements with a given local name and namespace URI in document order.
 boolean Element.hasAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
          Returns true when an attribute with a given local name and namespace URI is specified on this element or has a default value, false otherwise.
 void Element.setIdAttribute(java.lang.String name, boolean isId)
          If the parameter isId is true, this method declares the specified attribute to be a user-determined ID attribute .
 void Element.setIdAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName, boolean isId)
          If the parameter isId is true, this method declares the specified attribute to be a user-determined ID attribute .
 void Element.setIdAttributeNode(Attr idAttr, boolean isId)
          If the parameter isId is true, this method declares the specified attribute to be a user-determined ID attribute .
 java.lang.String CharacterData.getData()
          The character data of the node that implements this interface.
 void CharacterData.setData(java.lang.String data)
          The character data of the node that implements this interface.
 java.lang.String CharacterData.substringData(int offset, int count)
          Extracts a range of data from the node.
 void CharacterData.appendData(java.lang.String arg)
          Append the string to the end of the character data of the node.
 void CharacterData.insertData(int offset, java.lang.String arg)
          Insert a string at the specified 16-bit unit offset.
 void CharacterData.deleteData(int offset, int count)
          Remove a range of 16-bit units from the node.
 void CharacterData.replaceData(int offset, int count, java.lang.String arg)
          Replace the characters starting at the specified 16-bit unit offset with the specified string.
 void ProcessingInstruction.setData(java.lang.String data)
          The content of this processing instruction.
 void Attr.setValue(java.lang.String value)
          On retrieval, the value of the attribute is returned as a string.
 DocumentType DOMImplementation.createDocumentType(java.lang.String qualifiedName, java.lang.String publicId, java.lang.String systemId)
          Creates an empty DocumentType node.
 Document DOMImplementation.createDocument(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName, DocumentType doctype)
          Creates a DOM Document object of the specified type with its document element.
 Node NamedNodeMap.setNamedItem(Node arg)
          Adds a node using its nodeName attribute.
 Node NamedNodeMap.removeNamedItem(java.lang.String name)
          Removes a node specified by name.
 Node NamedNodeMap.getNamedItemNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
          Retrieves a node specified by local name and namespace URI.
 Node NamedNodeMap.setNamedItemNS(Node arg)
          Adds a node using its namespaceURI and localName.
 Node NamedNodeMap.removeNamedItemNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
          Removes a node specified by local name and namespace URI.
 java.lang.String Node.getNodeValue()
          The value of this node, depending on its type; see the table above.
 void Node.setNodeValue(java.lang.String nodeValue)
          The value of this node, depending on its type; see the table above.
 Node Node.insertBefore(Node newChild, Node refChild)
          Inserts the node newChild before the existing child node refChild.
 Node Node.replaceChild(Node newChild, Node oldChild)
          Replaces the child node oldChild with newChild in the list of children, and returns the oldChild node.
 Node Node.removeChild(Node oldChild)
          Removes the child node indicated by oldChild from the list of children, and returns it.
 Node Node.appendChild(Node newChild)
          Adds the node newChild to the end of the list of children of this node.
 void Node.setPrefix(java.lang.String prefix)
          The namespace prefix of this node, or null if it is unspecified.
 short Node.compareDocumentPosition(Node other)
          Compares the reference node, i.e.
 java.lang.String Node.getTextContent()
          This attribute returns the text content of this node and its descendants.
 void Node.setTextContent(java.lang.String textContent)
          This attribute returns the text content of this node and its descendants.
 Text Text.splitText(int offset)
          Breaks this node into two nodes at the specified offset, keeping both in the tree as siblings.
 Text Text.replaceWholeText(java.lang.String content)
          Replaces the text of the current node and all logically-adjacent text nodes with the specified text.
 Element Document.createElement(java.lang.String tagName)
          Creates an element of the type specified.
 CDATASection Document.createCDATASection(java.lang.String data)
          Creates a CDATASection node whose value is the specified string.
 ProcessingInstruction Document.createProcessingInstruction(java.lang.String target, java.lang.String data)
          Creates a ProcessingInstruction node given the specified name and data strings.
 Attr Document.createAttribute(java.lang.String name)
          Creates an Attr of the given name.
 EntityReference Document.createEntityReference(java.lang.String name)
          Creates an EntityReference object.
 Node Document.importNode(Node importedNode, boolean deep)
          Imports a node from another document to this document, without altering or removing the source node from the original document; this method creates a new copy of the source node.
 Element Document.createElementNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName)
          Creates an element of the given qualified name and namespace URI.
 Attr Document.createAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName)
          Creates an attribute of the given qualified name and namespace URI.
 void Document.setXmlStandalone(boolean xmlStandalone)
          An attribute specifying, as part of the XML declaration, whether this document is standalone.
 void Document.setXmlVersion(java.lang.String xmlVersion)
          An attribute specifying, as part of the XML declaration, the version number of this document.
 Node Document.adoptNode(Node source)
          Attempts to adopt a node from another document to this document.
 Node Document.renameNode(Node n, java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String qualifiedName)
          Rename an existing node of type ELEMENT_NODE or ATTRIBUTE_NODE.
 void DOMConfiguration.setParameter(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object value)
          Set the value of a parameter.
 java.lang.Object DOMConfiguration.getParameter(java.lang.String name)
          Return the value of a parameter if known.

Uses of DOMException in org.w3c.dom.css

Methods in org.w3c.dom.css that throw DOMException
 void CSSCharsetRule.setEncoding(java.lang.String encoding)
          The encoding information used in this @charset rule.
 void CSS2Properties.setAzimuth(java.lang.String azimuth)
          See the azimuth property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBackground(java.lang.String background)
          See the background property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBackgroundAttachment(java.lang.String backgroundAttachment)
          See the background-attachment property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBackgroundColor(java.lang.String backgroundColor)
          See the background-color property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBackgroundImage(java.lang.String backgroundImage)
          See the background-image property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBackgroundPosition(java.lang.String backgroundPosition)
          See the background-position property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBackgroundRepeat(java.lang.String backgroundRepeat)
          See the background-repeat property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorder(java.lang.String border)
          See the border property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderCollapse(java.lang.String borderCollapse)
          See the border-collapse property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderColor(java.lang.String borderColor)
          See the border-color property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderSpacing(java.lang.String borderSpacing)
          See the border-spacing property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderStyle(java.lang.String borderStyle)
          See the border-style property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderTop(java.lang.String borderTop)
          See the border-top property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderRight(java.lang.String borderRight)
          See the border-right property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderBottom(java.lang.String borderBottom)
          See the border-bottom property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderLeft(java.lang.String borderLeft)
          See the border-left property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderTopColor(java.lang.String borderTopColor)
          See the border-top-color property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderRightColor(java.lang.String borderRightColor)
          See the border-right-color property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderBottomColor(java.lang.String borderBottomColor)
          See the border-bottom-color property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderLeftColor(java.lang.String borderLeftColor)
          See the border-left-color property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderTopStyle(java.lang.String borderTopStyle)
          See the border-top-style property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderRightStyle(java.lang.String borderRightStyle)
          See the border-right-style property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderBottomStyle(java.lang.String borderBottomStyle)
          See the border-bottom-style property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderLeftStyle(java.lang.String borderLeftStyle)
          See the border-left-style property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderTopWidth(java.lang.String borderTopWidth)
          See the border-top-width property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderRightWidth(java.lang.String borderRightWidth)
          See the border-right-width property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderBottomWidth(java.lang.String borderBottomWidth)
          See the border-bottom-width property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderLeftWidth(java.lang.String borderLeftWidth)
          See the border-left-width property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBorderWidth(java.lang.String borderWidth)
          See the border-width property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setBottom(java.lang.String bottom)
          See the bottom property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setCaptionSide(java.lang.String captionSide)
          See the caption-side property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setClear(java.lang.String clear)
          See the clear property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setClip(java.lang.String clip)
          See the clip property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setColor(java.lang.String color)
          See the color property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setContent(java.lang.String content)
          See the content property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setCounterIncrement(java.lang.String counterIncrement)
          See the counter-increment property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setCounterReset(java.lang.String counterReset)
          See the counter-reset property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setCue(java.lang.String cue)
          See the cue property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setCueAfter(java.lang.String cueAfter)
          See the cue-after property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setCueBefore(java.lang.String cueBefore)
          See the cue-before property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setCursor(java.lang.String cursor)
          See the cursor property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setDirection(java.lang.String direction)
          See the direction property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setDisplay(java.lang.String display)
          See the display property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setElevation(java.lang.String elevation)
          See the elevation property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setEmptyCells(java.lang.String emptyCells)
          See the empty-cells property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setCssFloat(java.lang.String cssFloat)
          See the float property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setFont(java.lang.String font)
          See the font property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setFontFamily(java.lang.String fontFamily)
          See the font-family property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setFontSize(java.lang.String fontSize)
          See the font-size property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setFontSizeAdjust(java.lang.String fontSizeAdjust)
          See the font-size-adjust property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setFontStretch(java.lang.String fontStretch)
          See the font-stretch property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setFontStyle(java.lang.String fontStyle)
          See the font-style property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setFontVariant(java.lang.String fontVariant)
          See the font-variant property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setFontWeight(java.lang.String fontWeight)
          See the font-weight property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setHeight(java.lang.String height)
          See the height property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setLeft(java.lang.String left)
          See the left property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setLetterSpacing(java.lang.String letterSpacing)
          See the letter-spacing property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setLineHeight(java.lang.String lineHeight)
          See the line-height property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setListStyle(java.lang.String listStyle)
          See the list-style property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setListStyleImage(java.lang.String listStyleImage)
          See the list-style-image property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setListStylePosition(java.lang.String listStylePosition)
          See the list-style-position property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setListStyleType(java.lang.String listStyleType)
          See the list-style-type property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMargin(java.lang.String margin)
          See the margin property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMarginTop(java.lang.String marginTop)
          See the margin-top property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMarginRight(java.lang.String marginRight)
          See the margin-right property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMarginBottom(java.lang.String marginBottom)
          See the margin-bottom property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMarginLeft(java.lang.String marginLeft)
          See the margin-left property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMarkerOffset(java.lang.String markerOffset)
          See the marker-offset property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMarks(java.lang.String marks)
          See the marks property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMaxHeight(java.lang.String maxHeight)
          See the max-height property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMaxWidth(java.lang.String maxWidth)
          See the max-width property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMinHeight(java.lang.String minHeight)
          See the min-height property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setMinWidth(java.lang.String minWidth)
          See the min-width property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setOrphans(java.lang.String orphans)
          See the orphans property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setOutline(java.lang.String outline)
          See the outline property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setOutlineColor(java.lang.String outlineColor)
          See the outline-color property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setOutlineStyle(java.lang.String outlineStyle)
          See the outline-style property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setOutlineWidth(java.lang.String outlineWidth)
          See the outline-width property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setOverflow(java.lang.String overflow)
          See the overflow property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPadding(java.lang.String padding)
          See the padding property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPaddingTop(java.lang.String paddingTop)
          See the padding-top property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPaddingRight(java.lang.String paddingRight)
          See the padding-right property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPaddingBottom(java.lang.String paddingBottom)
          See the padding-bottom property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPaddingLeft(java.lang.String paddingLeft)
          See the padding-left property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPage(java.lang.String page)
          See the page property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPageBreakAfter(java.lang.String pageBreakAfter)
          See the page-break-after property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPageBreakBefore(java.lang.String pageBreakBefore)
          See the page-break-before property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPageBreakInside(java.lang.String pageBreakInside)
          See the page-break-inside property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPause(java.lang.String pause)
          See the pause property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPauseAfter(java.lang.String pauseAfter)
          See the pause-after property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPauseBefore(java.lang.String pauseBefore)
          See the pause-before property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPitch(java.lang.String pitch)
          See the pitch property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPitchRange(java.lang.String pitchRange)
          See the pitch-range property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPlayDuring(java.lang.String playDuring)
          See the play-during property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setPosition(java.lang.String position)
          See the position property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setQuotes(java.lang.String quotes)
          See the quotes property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setRichness(java.lang.String richness)
          See the richness property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setRight(java.lang.String right)
          See the right property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setSize(java.lang.String size)
          See the size property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setSpeak(java.lang.String speak)
          See the speak property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setSpeakHeader(java.lang.String speakHeader)
          See the speak-header property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setSpeakNumeral(java.lang.String speakNumeral)
          See the speak-numeral property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setSpeakPunctuation(java.lang.String speakPunctuation)
          See the speak-punctuation property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setSpeechRate(java.lang.String speechRate)
          See the speech-rate property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setStress(java.lang.String stress)
          See the stress property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setTableLayout(java.lang.String tableLayout)
          See the table-layout property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setTextAlign(java.lang.String textAlign)
          See the text-align property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setTextDecoration(java.lang.String textDecoration)
          See the text-decoration property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setTextIndent(java.lang.String textIndent)
          See the text-indent property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setTextShadow(java.lang.String textShadow)
          See the text-shadow property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setTextTransform(java.lang.String textTransform)
          See the text-transform property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setTop(java.lang.String top)
          See the top property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setUnicodeBidi(java.lang.String unicodeBidi)
          See the unicode-bidi property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setVerticalAlign(java.lang.String verticalAlign)
          See the vertical-align property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setVisibility(java.lang.String visibility)
          See the visibility property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setVoiceFamily(java.lang.String voiceFamily)
          See the voice-family property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setVolume(java.lang.String volume)
          See the volume property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setWhiteSpace(java.lang.String whiteSpace)
          See the white-space property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setWidows(java.lang.String widows)
          See the widows property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setWidth(java.lang.String width)
          See the width property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setWordSpacing(java.lang.String wordSpacing)
          See the word-spacing property definition in CSS2.
 void CSS2Properties.setZIndex(java.lang.String zIndex)
          See the z-index property definition in CSS2.
 void CSSValue.setCssText(java.lang.String cssText)
          A string representation of the current value.
 void CSSPageRule.setSelectorText(java.lang.String selectorText)
          The parsable textual representation of the page selector for the rule.
 int CSSMediaRule.insertRule(java.lang.String rule, int index)
          Used to insert a new rule into the media block.
 void CSSMediaRule.deleteRule(int index)
          Used to delete a rule from the media block.
 void CSSRule.setCssText(java.lang.String cssText)
          The parsable textual representation of the rule.
 void CSSPrimitiveValue.setFloatValue(short unitType, float floatValue)
          A method to set the float value with a specified unit.
 float CSSPrimitiveValue.getFloatValue(short unitType)
          This method is used to get a float value in a specified unit.
 void CSSPrimitiveValue.setStringValue(short stringType, java.lang.String stringValue)
          A method to set the string value with the specified unit.
 java.lang.String CSSPrimitiveValue.getStringValue()
          This method is used to get the string value.
 Counter CSSPrimitiveValue.getCounterValue()
          This method is used to get the Counter value.
 Rect CSSPrimitiveValue.getRectValue()
          This method is used to get the Rect value.
 RGBColor CSSPrimitiveValue.getRGBColorValue()
          This method is used to get the RGB color.
 void CSSStyleDeclaration.setCssText(java.lang.String cssText)
          The parsable textual representation of the declaration block (excluding the surrounding curly braces).
 java.lang.String CSSStyleDeclaration.removeProperty(java.lang.String propertyName)
          Used to remove a CSS property if it has been explicitly set within this declaration block.
 void CSSStyleDeclaration.setProperty(java.lang.String propertyName, java.lang.String value, java.lang.String priority)
          Used to set a property value and priority within this declaration block.
 void CSSStyleRule.setSelectorText(java.lang.String selectorText)
          The textual representation of the selector for the rule set.
 int CSSStyleSheet.insertRule(java.lang.String rule, int index)
          Used to insert a new rule into the style sheet.
 void CSSStyleSheet.deleteRule(int index)
          Used to delete a rule from the style sheet.
 CSSStyleSheet DOMImplementationCSS.createCSSStyleSheet(java.lang.String title, java.lang.String media)
          Creates a new CSSStyleSheet.

Uses of DOMException in

Methods in that throw DOMException
 Event DocumentEvent.createEvent(java.lang.String eventType)

Uses of DOMException in

Methods in that throw DOMException
 Document LSParser.parse(LSInput input)
          Parse an XML document from a resource identified by a LSInput.
 Document LSParser.parseURI(java.lang.String uri)
          Parse an XML document from a location identified by a URI reference [IETF RFC 2396].
 Node LSParser.parseWithContext(LSInput input, Node contextArg, short action)
          Parse an XML fragment from a resource identified by a LSInput and insert the content into an existing document at the position specified with the context and action arguments.
 LSParser DOMImplementationLS.createLSParser(short mode, java.lang.String schemaType)
          Create a new LSParser.
 java.lang.String LSSerializer.writeToString(Node nodeArg)
          Serialize the specified node as described above in the general description of the LSSerializer interface.

Uses of DOMException in org.w3c.dom.ranges

Methods in org.w3c.dom.ranges that throw DOMException
 Node Range.getStartContainer()
          Node within which the Range begins
 int Range.getStartOffset()
          Offset within the starting node of the Range.
 Node Range.getEndContainer()
          Node within which the Range ends
 int Range.getEndOffset()
          Offset within the ending node of the Range.
 boolean Range.getCollapsed()
          TRUE if the Range is collapsed
 Node Range.getCommonAncestorContainer()
          The deepest common ancestor container of the Range's two boundary-points.
 void Range.setStart(Node refNode, int offset)
          Sets the attributes describing the start of the Range.
 void Range.setEnd(Node refNode, int offset)
          Sets the attributes describing the end of a Range.
 void Range.setStartBefore(Node refNode)
          Sets the start position to be before a node
 void Range.setStartAfter(Node refNode)
          Sets the start position to be after a node
 void Range.setEndBefore(Node refNode)
          Sets the end position to be before a node.
 void Range.setEndAfter(Node refNode)
          Sets the end of a Range to be after a node
 void Range.collapse(boolean toStart)
          Collapse a Range onto one of its boundary-points
 void Range.selectNode(Node refNode)
          Select a node and its contents
 void Range.selectNodeContents(Node refNode)
          Select the contents within a node
 short Range.compareBoundaryPoints(short how, Range sourceRange)
          Compare the boundary-points of two Ranges in a document.
 void Range.deleteContents()
          Removes the contents of a Range from the containing document or document fragment without returning a reference to the removed content.
 DocumentFragment Range.extractContents()
          Moves the contents of a Range from the containing document or document fragment to a new DocumentFragment.
 DocumentFragment Range.cloneContents()
          Duplicates the contents of a Range
 void Range.insertNode(Node newNode)
          Inserts a node into the Document or DocumentFragment at the start of the Range.
 void Range.surroundContents(Node newParent)
          Reparents the contents of the Range to the given node and inserts the node at the position of the start of the Range.
 Range Range.cloneRange()
          Produces a new Range whose boundary-points are equal to the boundary-points of the Range.
 java.lang.String Range.toString()
          Returns the contents of a Range as a string.
 void Range.detach()
          Called to indicate that the Range is no longer in use and that the implementation may relinquish any resources associated with this Range.

Uses of DOMException in org.w3c.dom.stylesheets

Methods in org.w3c.dom.stylesheets that throw DOMException
 void MediaList.setMediaText(java.lang.String mediaText)
          The parsable textual representation of the media list.
 void MediaList.deleteMedium(java.lang.String oldMedium)
          Deletes the medium indicated by oldMedium from the list.
 void MediaList.appendMedium(java.lang.String newMedium)
          Adds the medium newMedium to the end of the list.

Uses of DOMException in org.w3c.dom.traversal

Methods in org.w3c.dom.traversal that throw DOMException
 NodeIterator DocumentTraversal.createNodeIterator(Node root, int whatToShow, NodeFilter filter, boolean entityReferenceExpansion)
          Create a new NodeIterator over the subtree rooted at the specified node.
 TreeWalker DocumentTraversal.createTreeWalker(Node root, int whatToShow, NodeFilter filter, boolean entityReferenceExpansion)
          Create a new TreeWalker over the subtree rooted at the specified node.
 Node NodeIterator.nextNode()
          Returns the next node in the set and advances the position of the NodeIterator in the set.
 Node NodeIterator.previousNode()
          Returns the previous node in the set and moves the position of the NodeIterator backwards in the set.
 void TreeWalker.setCurrentNode(Node currentNode)
          The node at which the TreeWalker is currently positioned.

Uses of DOMException in org.w3c.dom.xpath

Methods in org.w3c.dom.xpath that throw DOMException
 java.lang.Object XPathExpression.evaluate(Node contextNode, short type, java.lang.Object result)
          Evaluates this XPath expression and returns a result.
 XPathExpression XPathEvaluator.createExpression(java.lang.String expression, XPathNSResolver resolver)
          Creates a parsed XPath expression with resolved namespaces.
 java.lang.Object XPathEvaluator.evaluate(java.lang.String expression, Node contextNode, XPathNSResolver resolver, short type, java.lang.Object result)
          Evaluates an XPath expression string and returns a result of the specified type if possible.
 Node XPathResult.iterateNext()
          Iterates and returns the next node from the node set or nullif there are no more nodes.

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