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Packages that use UnaryOperation
org.apache.xpath Implementation of XPath; for the most part, only classes meant for public use are found at this root level of the XPath packages. 
org.apache.xpath.operations Support for XPath operations, such as +, -, string(), etc. 

Uses of UnaryOperation in org.apache.xpath

Methods in org.apache.xpath with parameters of type UnaryOperation
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitUnaryOperation(ExpressionOwner owner, UnaryOperation op)
          Visit a unary operation.

Uses of UnaryOperation in org.apache.xpath.operations

Subclasses of UnaryOperation in org.apache.xpath.operations
 class Bool
          The 'boolean()' operation expression executer.
 class Neg
          The unary '-' operation expression executer.
 class Number
          The 'number()' operation expression executer.
 class String
          The 'string()' operation expression executer.

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