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Packages that use XString
org.apache.xpath Implementation of XPath; for the most part, only classes meant for public use are found at this root level of the XPath packages. 
org.apache.xpath.objects Implementation of XPath polymorphic type objects -- this package will grow as XPath objects are expanded to support XML Schema data types. 

Uses of XString in org.apache.xpath

Methods in org.apache.xpath with parameters of type XString
 boolean XPathVisitor.visitStringLiteral(ExpressionOwner owner, XString str)
          Visit a string literal.

Uses of XString in org.apache.xpath.objects

Subclasses of XString in org.apache.xpath.objects
 class XStringForChars
          This class will wrap a FastStringBuffer and allow for
 class XStringForFSB
          This class will wrap a FastStringBuffer and allow for

Fields in org.apache.xpath.objects declared as XString
static XString XString.EMPTYSTRING
          Empty string XString object

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