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org.apache.xpath.functions Implements XPath functions -- each function is derived from Function, FunctionOneArg, Function2Args, etc, with number-of-arguments checking being applied mainly at compile time -- this package only implements XPath functions, XSLT functions are found in the "templates" package. 

Uses of FunctionDef1Arg in org.apache.xpath.functions

Subclasses of FunctionDef1Arg in org.apache.xpath.functions
 class FuncDoclocation
          Execute the proprietary document-location() function, which returns a node set of documents.
 class FuncGenerateId
          Execute the GenerateId() function.
 class FuncLocalPart
          Execute the LocalPart() function.
 class FuncNamespace
          Execute the Namespace() function.
 class FuncNormalizeSpace
          Execute the normalize-space() function.
 class FuncNumber
          Execute the Number() function.
 class FuncQname
          Execute the Qname() function.
 class FuncString
          Execute the String() function.
 class FuncStringLength
          Execute the StringLength() function.

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