Uses of Interface

Packages that use XPathVisitable
org.apache.xalan.templates Implements the Templates interface, and defines a set of classes that represent an XSLT stylesheet. 
org.apache.xalan.transformer In charge of run-time transformations and the production of result trees. 
org.apache.xpath Implementation of XPath; for the most part, only classes meant for public use are found at this root level of the XPath packages. 
org.apache.xpath.axes Implementation of XPath LocationPath support -- primary classes are LocPathIterator and UnionPathIterator. 
org.apache.xpath.functions Implements XPath functions -- each function is derived from Function, FunctionOneArg, Function2Args, etc, with number-of-arguments checking being applied mainly at compile time -- this package only implements XPath functions, XSLT functions are found in the "templates" package. 
org.apache.xpath.objects Implementation of XPath polymorphic type objects -- this package will grow as XPath objects are expanded to support XML Schema data types. 
org.apache.xpath.operations Support for XPath operations, such as +, -, string(), etc. 
org.apache.xpath.patterns Implementation of XPath nodeTest support, and XSLT pattern matching support. 

Uses of XPathVisitable in org.apache.xalan.templates

Classes in org.apache.xalan.templates that implement XPathVisitable
 class FuncDocument
          Execute the Doc() function.
 class FuncFormatNumb
          Execute the FormatNumber() function.
 class FuncKey
          Execute the Key() function.
 class XUnresolvedVariable
          An instance of this class holds unto a variable until it is executed.
 class XUnresolvedVariableSimple
          This is the same as XUnresolvedVariable, but it assumes that the context is already set up.

Uses of XPathVisitable in org.apache.xalan.transformer

Classes in org.apache.xalan.transformer that implement XPathVisitable
 class KeyIterator
          This class implements an optimized iterator for "key()" patterns, matching each node to the match attribute in one or more xsl:key declarations.
 class KeyRefIterator
          This class filters nodes from a key iterator, according to whether or not the use value matches the ref value.

Uses of XPathVisitable in org.apache.xpath

Classes in org.apache.xpath that implement XPathVisitable
 class Expression
          This abstract class serves as the base for all expression objects.

Uses of XPathVisitable in org.apache.xpath.axes

Classes in org.apache.xpath.axes that implement XPathVisitable
 class AttributeIterator
          This class implements an optimized iterator for attribute axes patterns.
 class AxesWalker
          Serves as common interface for axes Walkers, and stores common state variables.
 class BasicTestIterator
          Base for iterators that handle predicates.
 class ChildIterator
          This class implements an optimized iterator for "node()" patterns, that is, any children of the context node.
 class ChildTestIterator
          This class implements an optimized iterator for children patterns that have a node test, and possibly a predicate.
 class DescendantIterator
          This class implements an optimized iterator for descendant, descendant-or-self, or "//foo" patterns.
 class FilterExprIterator
 class FilterExprIteratorSimple
          Class to use for one-step iteration that doesn't have a predicate, and doesn't need to set the context.
 class FilterExprWalker
          Walker for the OP_VARIABLE, or OP_EXTFUNCTION, or OP_FUNCTION, or OP_GROUP, op codes.
 class LocPathIterator
          This class extends NodeSetDTM, which implements NodeIterator, and fetches nodes one at a time in document order based on a XPath
 class MatchPatternIterator
          This class treats a LocationPath as a filtered iteration over the tree, evaluating each node in a super axis traversal against the LocationPath interpreted as a match pattern.
 class NodeSequence
          This class is the dynamic wrapper for a Xalan DTMIterator instance, and provides random access capabilities.
 class OneStepIterator
          This class implements a general iterator for those LocationSteps with only one step, and perhaps a predicate.
 class OneStepIteratorForward
          This class implements a general iterator for those LocationSteps with only one step, and perhaps a predicate, that only go forward (i.e.
 class PredicatedNodeTest
 class ReverseAxesWalker
          Walker for a reverse axes.
 class SelfIteratorNoPredicate
          This class implements an optimized iterator for "." patterns, that is, the self axes without any predicates.
 class UnionChildIterator
          This class defines a simplified type of union iterator that only tests along the child axes.
 class UnionPathIterator
          This class extends NodeSetDTM, which implements DTMIterator, and fetches nodes one at a time in document order based on a XPath UnionExpr.
 class WalkingIterator
          Location path iterator that uses Walkers.
 class WalkingIteratorSorted
          This class iterates over set of nodes that needs to be sorted.

Uses of XPathVisitable in org.apache.xpath.functions

Classes in org.apache.xpath.functions that implement XPathVisitable
 class FuncBoolean
          Execute the Boolean() function.
 class FuncCeiling
          Execute the Ceiling() function.
 class FuncConcat
          Execute the Concat() function.
 class FuncContains
          Execute the Contains() function.
 class FuncCount
          Execute the Count() function.
 class FuncCurrent
          Execute the current() function.
 class FuncDoclocation
          Execute the proprietary document-location() function, which returns a node set of documents.
 class FuncExtElementAvailable
          Execute the ExtElementAvailable() function.
 class FuncExtFunction
          An object of this class represents an extension call expression.
 class FuncExtFunctionAvailable
          Execute the ExtFunctionAvailable() function.
 class FuncFalse
          Execute the False() function.
 class FuncFloor
          Execute the Floor() function.
 class FuncGenerateId
          Execute the GenerateId() function.
 class FuncId
          Execute the Id() function.
 class FuncLang
          Execute the Lang() function.
 class FuncLast
          Execute the Last() function.
 class FuncLocalPart
          Execute the LocalPart() function.
 class FuncNamespace
          Execute the Namespace() function.
 class FuncNormalizeSpace
          Execute the normalize-space() function.
 class FuncNot
          Execute the Not() function.
 class FuncNumber
          Execute the Number() function.
 class FuncPosition
          Execute the Position() function.
 class FuncQname
          Execute the Qname() function.
 class FuncRound
          Execute the round() function.
 class FuncStartsWith
          Execute the StartsWith() function.
 class FuncString
          Execute the String() function.
 class FuncStringLength
          Execute the StringLength() function.
 class FuncSubstring
          Execute the Substring() function.
 class FuncSubstringAfter
          Execute the SubstringAfter() function.
 class FuncSubstringBefore
          Execute the SubstringBefore() function.
 class FuncSum
          Execute the Sum() function.
 class FuncSystemProperty
          Execute the SystemProperty() function.
 class Function
          This is a superclass of all XPath functions.
 class Function2Args
          Base class for functions that accept two arguments.
 class Function3Args
          Base class for functions that accept three arguments.
 class FunctionDef1Arg
          Base class for functions that accept one argument that can be defaulted if not specified.
 class FunctionMultiArgs
          Base class for functions that accept an undetermined number of multiple arguments.
 class FunctionOneArg
          Base class for functions that accept one argument.
 class FuncTranslate
          Execute the Translate() function.
 class FuncTrue
          Execute the True() function.
 class FuncUnparsedEntityURI

Uses of XPathVisitable in org.apache.xpath.objects

Classes in org.apache.xpath.objects that implement XPathVisitable
 class XBoolean
          This class represents an XPath boolean object, and is capable of converting the boolean to other types, such as a string.
 class XBooleanStatic
          This class doesn't have any XPathContext, so override whatever to ensure it works OK.
 class XNodeSet
          This class represents an XPath nodeset object, and is capable of converting the nodeset to other types, such as a string.
 class XNodeSetForDOM
          This class overrides the XNodeSet#object() method to provide the original Node object, NodeList object, or NodeIterator.
 class XNull
          This class represents an XPath null object, and is capable of converting the null to other types, such as a string.
 class XNumber
          This class represents an XPath number, and is capable of converting the number to other types, such as a string.
 class XObject
          This class represents an XPath object, and is capable of converting the object to various types, such as a string.
 class XRTreeFrag
          This class represents an XPath result tree fragment object, and is capable of converting the RTF to other types, such as a string.
 class XRTreeFragSelectWrapper
          This class makes an select statement act like an result tree fragment.
 class XString
          This class represents an XPath string object, and is capable of converting the string to other types, such as a number.
 class XStringForChars
          This class will wrap a FastStringBuffer and allow for
 class XStringForFSB
          This class will wrap a FastStringBuffer and allow for

Uses of XPathVisitable in org.apache.xpath.operations

Classes in org.apache.xpath.operations that implement XPathVisitable
 class And
          The 'and' operation expression executer.
 class Bool
          The 'boolean()' operation expression executer.
 class Div
          The 'div' operation expression executer.
 class Equals
          The '=' operation expression executer.
 class Gt
          The '>' operation expression executer.
 class Gte
          The '>=' operation expression executer.
 class Lt
          The '<' operation expression executer.
 class Lte
          The '<=' operation expression executer.
 class Minus
          The binary '-' operation expression executer.
 class Mod
          The 'mod' operation expression executer.
 class Mult
          The '*' operation expression executer.
 class Neg
          The unary '-' operation expression executer.
 class NotEquals
          The '!=' operation expression executer.
 class Number
          The 'number()' operation expression executer.
 class Operation
          The baseclass for a binary operation.
 class Or
          The 'or' operation expression executer.
 class Plus
          The '+' operation expression executer.
 class Quo
 class String
          The 'string()' operation expression executer.
 class UnaryOperation
          The unary operation base class.
 class Variable
          The variable reference expression executer.
 class VariableSafeAbsRef
          This is a "smart" variable reference that is used in situations where an absolute path is optimized into a variable reference, but may be used in some situations where the document context may have changed.

Uses of XPathVisitable in org.apache.xpath.patterns

Classes in org.apache.xpath.patterns that implement XPathVisitable
 class ContextMatchStepPattern
          Special context node pattern matcher.
 class FunctionPattern
          Match pattern step that contains a function.
 class NodeTest
          This is the basic node test class for both match patterns and location path steps.
 class StepPattern
          This class represents a single pattern match step.
 class UnionPattern
          This class represents a union pattern, which can have multiple individual StepPattern patterns.

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