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Packages that use WalkingIterator
org.apache.xpath.axes Implementation of XPath LocationPath support -- primary classes are LocPathIterator and UnionPathIterator. 

Uses of WalkingIterator in org.apache.xpath.axes

Subclasses of WalkingIterator in org.apache.xpath.axes
 class WalkingIteratorSorted
          This class iterates over set of nodes that needs to be sorted.

Methods in org.apache.xpath.axes that return WalkingIterator
 WalkingIterator AxesWalker.wi()

Constructors in org.apache.xpath.axes with parameters of type WalkingIterator
FilterExprWalker.FilterExprWalker(WalkingIterator locPathIterator)
          Construct a FilterExprWalker using a LocPathIterator.

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