Uses of Class

Packages that use IntStack
org.apache.xml.utils Implementation of Xalan utility classes. 
org.apache.xpath Implementation of XPath; for the most part, only classes meant for public use are found at this root level of the XPath packages. 

Uses of IntStack in org.apache.xml.utils

Constructors in org.apache.xml.utils with parameters of type IntStack
IntStack.IntStack(IntStack v)
          Copy constructor for IntStack

Uses of IntStack in org.apache.xpath

Methods in org.apache.xpath that return IntStack
 IntStack XPathContext.getCurrentNodeStack()
 IntStack XPathContext.getCurrentExpressionNodeStack()

Methods in org.apache.xpath with parameters of type IntStack
 void XPathContext.setCurrentNodeStack(IntStack nv)
 void XPathContext.setCurrentExpressionNodeStack(IntStack nv)

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