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Packages that use AVT
org.apache.xalan.templates Implements the Templates interface, and defines a set of classes that represent an XSLT stylesheet. 

Uses of AVT in org.apache.xalan.templates

Methods in org.apache.xalan.templates that return AVT
 AVT ElemLiteralResult.getLiteralResultAttributeNS(java.lang.String namespaceURI, java.lang.String localName)
          Get a literal result attribute by name.
 AVT ElemLiteralResult.getLiteralResultAttribute(java.lang.String name)
          Get a literal result attribute by name.
 AVT ElemPI.getName()
          Get the "name" attribute.
 AVT ElemElement.getName()
          Get the "name" attribute.
 AVT ElemElement.getNamespace()
          Get the "namespace" attribute.
 AVT ElemSort.getLang()
          Get the "lang" attribute.
 AVT ElemSort.getDataType()
          Get the "data-type" attribute.
 AVT ElemSort.getOrder()
          Get the "order" attribute.
 AVT ElemSort.getCaseOrder()
          Get the "case-order" attribute.
 AVT ElemNumber.getFormat()
          Get the "format" attribute.
 AVT ElemNumber.getLang()
          Get the "lang" attribute.
 AVT ElemNumber.getLetterValue()
          Get the "letter-value" attribute.
 AVT ElemNumber.getGroupingSeparator()
          Get the "grouping-separator" attribute.
 AVT ElemNumber.getGroupingSize()
          Get the "grouping-size" attribute.

Methods in org.apache.xalan.templates with parameters of type AVT
 void ElemLiteralResult.addLiteralResultAttribute(AVT avt)
          Set a literal result attribute (AVTs only).
 void ElemLiteralResult.setXmlSpace(AVT avt)
          Set the "xml:space" attribute.
 void ElemPI.setName(AVT v)
          Set the "name" attribute.
 void ElemElement.setName(AVT v)
          Set the "name" attribute.
 void ElemElement.setNamespace(AVT v)
          Set the "namespace" attribute.
 boolean XSLTVisitor.visitAVT(AVT elem)
          Visit an Attribute Value Template (at the top level).
 void ElemSort.setLang(AVT v)
          Set the "lang" attribute.
 void ElemSort.setDataType(AVT v)
          Set the "data-type" attribute.
 void ElemSort.setOrder(AVT v)
          Set the "order" attribute.
 void ElemSort.setCaseOrder(AVT v)
          Set the "case-order" attribute.
 void ElemNumber.setFormat(AVT v)
          Set the "format" attribute.
 void ElemNumber.setLang(AVT v)
          Set the "lang" attribute.
 void ElemNumber.setLetterValue(AVT v)
          Set the "letter-value" attribute.
 void ElemNumber.setGroupingSeparator(AVT v)
          Set the "grouping-separator" attribute.
 void ElemNumber.setGroupingSize(AVT v)
          Set the "grouping-size" attribute.
 void ElemAttribute.setName(AVT v)

Constructors in org.apache.xalan.templates with parameters of type AVT
ElemLiteralResult.Attribute.ElemLiteralResult.Attribute(AVT avt, Element elem)
          Construct a Attr.

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