Class SerializerFactory


Deprecated. The new class to use is org.apache.xml.serializer.SerializerFactory

public abstract class SerializerFactory
extends java.lang.Object

Factory for creating serializers.

Method Summary
static Serializer getSerializer(java.util.Properties format)
          Deprecated. Use org.apache.xml.serializer.SerializerFactory
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Method Detail


public static Serializer getSerializer(java.util.Properties format)
Deprecated. Use org.apache.xml.serializer.SerializerFactory
Returns a serializer for the specified output method. Returns null if no implementation exists that supports the specified output method. For a list of the default output methods see Method.
format - The output format
A suitable serializer, or null
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - (apparently -sc) if method is null or an appropriate serializer can't be found
WrappedRuntimeException - (apparently -sc) if an exception is thrown while trying to find serializer

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