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Packages that use SAXTransformerFactory
org.apache.xalan.processor Parses an XSLT stylesheet document (which may include and import other stylesheet documents) and produces a StylesheetRoot (a TRaX Templates object). 

Uses of SAXTransformerFactory in org.apache.xalan.processor

Subclasses of SAXTransformerFactory in org.apache.xalan.processor
 class TransformerFactoryImpl
          The TransformerFactoryImpl, which implements the TRaX TransformerFactory interface, processes XSLT stylesheets into a Templates object (a StylesheetRoot).

Uses of SAXTransformerFactory in org.apache.xalan.xsltc.trax

Subclasses of SAXTransformerFactory in org.apache.xalan.xsltc.trax
 class SmartTransformerFactoryImpl
          Implementation of a transformer factory that uses an XSLTC transformer factory for the creation of Templates objects and uses the Xalan processor transformer factory for the creation of Transformer objects.

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