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Uses of DatatypeConstants.Field in javax.xml.datatype

Fields in javax.xml.datatype declared as DatatypeConstants.Field
static DatatypeConstants.Field DatatypeConstants.YEARS
          A constant that represents the years field.
static DatatypeConstants.Field DatatypeConstants.MONTHS
          A constant that represents the months field.
static DatatypeConstants.Field DatatypeConstants.DAYS
          A constant that represents the days field.
static DatatypeConstants.Field DatatypeConstants.HOURS
          A constant that represents the hours field.
static DatatypeConstants.Field DatatypeConstants.MINUTES
          A constant that represents the minutes field.
static DatatypeConstants.Field DatatypeConstants.SECONDS
          A constant that represents the seconds field.

Methods in javax.xml.datatype with parameters of type DatatypeConstants.Field
abstract  java.lang.Number Duration.getField(DatatypeConstants.Field field)
          Gets the value of a field.
abstract  boolean Duration.isSet(DatatypeConstants.Field field)
          Checks if a field is set.

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