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Release Information of Xerces-C++ 2.6.0
Date  Contributor  Description 
2004-09-29  Khaled Noaman   Bug 1209  
2004-09-29  David Cargill   Mark SAXParser as deprecated.  
2004-09-29  David Cargill   jira1217  
2004-09-29  Dan Rosen   jira1207  
2004-09-28  Khaled Noaman, Anthony O'Dowd   Performance: improve src offset calculation.  
2004-09-28  PeiYong Zhang   Optimized duplicated attributes checking for large number of attributes 
2004-09-28  Alberto Massari   BCC 511 updates  
2004-09-27  David Cargill   Update sample to use an error handler and only generate xsmodel when a schema document has been loaded successfully.  
2004-09-27  David Cargill   Update documentation to describe new features  
2004-09-27  Khaled Noaman, David Cargill   Validate annotations  
2004-09-27  Khaled Noaman  Reset datatype validator  
2004-09-27  David Cargill   XERCESC-1277  
2004-09-26  Khaled Noaman   [Bug 1197]  
2004-09-25  Gareth Reakes, Adam Heinz   Fix to 1264. All refererences to public headers now use the include files. 
2004-09-25  James Littlejohn   Fix documentation generation problem.  
2004-09-23  Alberto Massari   jira1259  
2004-09-22  David Cargill   Add support for generating synthetic XSAnnotations.  
2004-09-22  David Cargill   Fix memory leak in PSVIWriter sample. 
2004-09-22  John Hibbert   Bug fixes  
2004-09-22  David Cargill   Remove unused variable and data member.  
2004-09-22  Alberto Massari   Reorder initialization of variables in constructor  
2004-09-21  PeiYong Zhang   Do not build/ship debug version lib on Windows  
2004-09-21  PeiYong Zhang   Change lib name on Windows from 2_5_0 to 2_5  
2004-09-21  David Cargill   Documentation Updates.  
2004-09-21  PeiYong Zhang  Handle partial PSVIElement 
2004-09-20  James Berry   Mac updates  
2004-09-20  Alberto Massari   Added a setCreateSchemaInfo method to the DOM parsers, to store PSVI informations in element and attribute nodes  
2004-09-20  Alberto Massari   Mark some methods as deprecated  
2004-09-16  Alberto Massari   Remove XercesMessages_en_US.hpp from the Win32 projects (they use the WinRC MsgLoader) 
2004-09-16  PeiYong Zhang   provide default implementation for CreateDocumentType  
2004-09-16  Alberto Massari   Don't include icudata.lib to the Windows projects: ICU 3.0 has renamed and it's no more needed since ICU 2.0  
2004-09-16  Alberto Massari   Updated error message for UPA to also state the complex type that is failing the test  
2004-09-14  Alberto Massari, Ron Romero   jira 855)  
2004-09-14  Alberto Massari  jira1248  
2004-09-14  Alberto Massari   jira1261  
2004-09-13  PeiYong Zhang   new method: getActualValue() 
2004-09-10  David Bertoni  Performance improvement fix to more efficiently findattdef.  
2004-09-10  David Bertoni   Return bool as described in the interface for cacheGrammar instead of throwing an exception.  
2004-09-09  David Cargill, Steve Dulin   0S/390 build updates 
2004-09-08  PeiYong Zhang   Apache License Version 2.0 
2004-09-04  David Cargill   XercesC-1269 Fix: Remove extra comma.  
2004-09-02  David Cargill   Fix API Doc warning message 
2004-09-02  David Cargill, Patrick Townsend and Jay Hansen   OS400 Build updates  
2004-09-02  David Cargill   Specify bmaxdata for AIX samples and tests. 
2004-09-02  David Cargill   Add OutOfMemoryException block to samples and tests. 
2004-08-31  David Cargill   Thread safety change for getTypeLocalName and getTypeUri  
2004-08-30  Alberto Massari   Reduce memory footprint of DOMNode::setUserData 
2004-08-30  Alberto Massari   Don't allocate a DOMTypeInfo object if there is no type info to store  
2004-08-30  Alberto Massari   Added transferElement API  
2004-08-27  Alberto Massari   getXSModel fix  
2004-08-20  David Cargill  Jira bug XERCESC-1257  
2004-08-19  PeiYong Zhang   Add XSValue test  
2004-08-11  Andrew Fang   Fixing Xerces-C crash when creating a MixedContentModel  
2004-08-11  PeiYong Zhang   Externalised validation, actual/canonical value production for Schema built-in data types  
2004-07-27  PeiYong Zhang   build on aix xlC_r v6 with v5 comptiable name mangling scheme  
2004-07-26  Alberto Massari   reset() was not resetting the stack of types (jira1245)  
2004-07-23  Anders Hybertz  calcRequiredSize assumed all the characters were of the same size (jira1142) 
2004-07-23  Alberto Massari   jira1179  
2004-07-23  Alberto Massari   jira1206  
2004-07-23  Alberto Massari   A global mutex was not cleaned up  
2004-07-23  Alberto Massari   jira 862 
2004-07-22  Bob Buck   jira1186  
2004-07-22  Khaled Noaman  Use file static instance instead of local static instance  
2004-07-22  Khaled Noaman  Eliminate the need to create a temporary content model when performing UPA checking 
2004-07-21  PeiYong Zhang   use the supplied memory manager 
2004-07-16  Alberto Massari   Enable libWWW on Solaris  
2004-07-13  Joanne Bogart  Fixed bugzilla bug 23100. 
2004-07-12  PeiYong Zhang   Increment patnIndex only when a match is found  
2004-07-12  David Bertoni   IGXMLScanner::fErrorStack not cleared if an exception is thrown  
2004-07-09  PeiYong Zhang   Build on HP-Itanium, aCC A.05.52 
2004-07-09  Syam Gadde   jira957  
2004-07-08  Alberto Massari   jira1236  
2004-07-08  Alberto Massari   Force the destruction of an XMLBuffer before terminating Xerces 
2004-07-08  David Cargill, Khaled Noaman, Steve Dulin   ThreadTest updates  
2004-07-07  PeiYong Zhang   Upgrade to ICU3.0 
2004-07-07  Alberto Massari   Fix for jira1170 
2004-07-07  Ray Logel   Fir for jira1136 
2004-07-06  Alberto Massari   Fix for jira1226  
2004-07-06  Alberto Massari   Fix for jira1238  
2004-07-06  Alberto Massari   Fix for jira1210  
2004-07-06  David Cargill   Rename VALUE_CONSTRAINT enumeration names  
2004-06-28  David Cargill  Initialize memory manager to default. 
2004-06-24  PeiYong Zhang   Schema-Errata  
2004-06-23  Neil Graham   fix for compilation under gcc 3.5 
2004-06-22  Alberto Massari   Fix for jira1181  
2004-06-21  Neil Graham   don't switch grammars unnecessarily  
2004-06-21  Alberto Massari   Fixed memory leak (jira1228) 
2004-06-15  David Bertoni   Memory Leakage Fixed  
2004-06-15  Steve Dulin   make sure tables are properly aligned 
2004-06-15  Neil Graham   supported C++ namespaces doc update  
2004-06-14  PeiYong Zhang   Consolidated End Of Line Handling 
2004-06-09  John Snelson  Fixed null pointer bug 
2004-06-02  Neil Graham   Fix bug where scanners would accept malformed tags and perf improvements  
2004-06-01  David Cargill   Fix memory leak. 
2004-05-31  PeiYong Zhang   XML 1.1  
2004-05-27  Neil Graham   Performance fix: clearing the undeclared attribute maps on start tags 
2004-05-25  PeiYong Zhang   normalizeURI() added 
2004-05-25  PeiYong Zhang   XMLString::removeChar added  
2004-05-21  David Bertoni   [jira1216] GrammarResolver never clears internal cache of Grammar instances 
2004-05-19  PeiYong Zhang   MingGW updates  
2004-05-14  PeiYong Zhang   UTF-8 new error message  
2004-05-11  Alberto Massari   The net accessor input source now can be used to get data using PUT or POST  
2004-05-10  Alberto Massari   Performance: push a new map on the namespace stack only when an element has a xmlns attribute 
2004-05-05  Alberto Massari   Enable libWWW on Linux  
2004-05-05  Alberto Massari   Added error message for the HTTP NetAccessor 
2004-05-05  Alberto Massari   xlat doesn't compile on Windows  
2004-05-04  David Cargill   Enable IDs to work on all kinds of schema components 
2004-05-03  David Bertoni   To resolveGrammar correctly 
2004-04-22  Steve Dulin   not all 390 processors support the new transcoding instructions  
2004-04-22  David Cargill   Misc fix to update fCount in the correct place. 
2004-04-22  David Cargill   Schema bug with group redefined  
2004-04-22  David Cargill   Misc doc updates 
2004-04-20  PeiYong Zhang   xlat generate code for private default constructor 
2004-04-20  PeiYong Zhang   XML1.0 3rd Edition Updates  
2004-04-19  Shin'ya MORINO  Add "UTF16" as a synonym for UTF-16 (bug #XERCESC-1198)  
2004-04-16  David Cargill   Doc updates for Jira  
2004-04-15  James Berry   Various MAC fixes  
2004-04-14  David Cargill   Various PSVI Fixes  
2004-04-13  PeiYong Zhang   Identity Constraints  
2004-04-12  David Cargill   Doc updates  
2004-04-07  PeiYong Zhang   Add createDocumentType  
2004-04-07  PeiYong Zhang   Grammar caching of DTD internal subsets  
2004-04-06  Steve Dulin   fix for file resolution problems on OS/390  
2004-04-06  Alberto Massari   DTDs included from XML Schema were not opened using the entity resolver specified by the user (bug# 27008) 
2004-04-05  PeiYong Zhang   make comparison case insensitive, typo in error message corrected. 
2004-04-02  PeiYong Zhang   Annotation reporting improvements  
2004-04-02  Berin Lautenbach   item() was could only return items found in the first non-empty bucket 
2004-04-01  PeiYong Zhang   Add Messages to DOMExceptions  
2004-03-30  PeiYong Zhang improvements  
2004-03-24  Alberto Massari   importNode bug fix  
2004-03-19  PeiYong Zhang   Serialization Changes  
2004-03-17  PeiYong Zhang   Deprecated DOM  
2004-03-17  Alberto Massari   Inside attribute values, new lines must be escaped (bug#20858) 
2004-03-15  Alberto Massari   Added support for MinGW (bug#23176) 
2004-03-10  Alberto Massari  Fix documentation for binToText (bug# 9207)  
2004-03-09  PeiYong Zhang   Serialization changes  
2004-03-05  Alberto Massari   DOMNamedNodeMap Performance Improvements  
2004-03-05  Michael Boos   PSVI Fixes 
2004-03-05  Alberto Massari   The maps inside the DTD are declared of the right type, removing the need for casts 
2004-03-05  Alberto Massari   Removed unnecessary inclusion of implementation headers  
2004-03-03  Alberto Massari   DOMNodeVector is used only to store attributes; save memory  
2004-03-03  Alberto Massari   WFXMLScanner was throwing an index out of bound exception  
2004-03-03  Alberto Massari   [bug# 7051] The "hash" argument clashes with STL hash  
2004-03-02  PeiYong Zhang   save/load TypeUri/TypeLocalName more accurately 
2004-03-02  PeiYong Zhang   eliminate leakage  
2004-03-02  Alberto Massari   Check for errors when saving a document to a file (bug# 2594)  
2004-03-02  Steve Dulin   OS/390 transcoder update  
2004-03-02  Alberto Massari   Added test for bug# 26919  
2004-03-02  Alberto Massari   If insertBefore(A,A) is invoked, a crash would occur (bug# 26919)  
2004-03-02  Alberto Massari   When cloning a DOMDocument, clone also the encoding, version and standalone info (bug#13056)  
2004-03-01  PeiYong Zhang   Instantiate XSerializeEngine with GrammarPool 
2004-03-01  Khaled Noaman  Fix for UPA checking  
2004-03-01  PeiYong Zhang  new getter: getHashModulus  
2004-02-28  James Berry  Revise the Mac OS Transcoder to use the Mac Text Encoding Converter 
2004-02-28  James Berry  Update Mac OS Projects for newly added files 
2004-02-27  Alberto Massari  Fixed memory leaks 
2004-02-26  Alberto Massari  Fix for bug# 27263 (extra = in registration script 
2004-02-25  Alberto Massari  The COM wrapper doesn't use the deprecated DOM anymore 
2004-02-25  Alberto Massari  Fixed typo in documentation 
2004-02-25  PeiYong Zhang  Bug#27209: Xerces 2.5.0 does not build with option -t IconvGNU because of syntax errors! 
2004-02-24  PeiYong Zhang  XercesDeprecatedDOMLib 
2004-02-20  David Bertoni  Bug#27046 
2004-02-18  PeiYong Zhang  Doxyfile update to 2.5.0 
2004-02-17  Abe Backus, Neil Graham  fix for bug 25035: cygwin support 
2004-02-17  Neil Graham  fix potential memory leak 

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