2010/08/06 - Apache Crimson has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.



Crimson 1.1

Crimson 1.1 Release

Crimson is a Java XML parser which supports XML 1.0 via the following APIs:


The Crimson codebase is based on the Sun Project X parser. It is also the parser currently shipping in Sun products; however, the future plan is to move to a different codebase called Xerces Java 2. Xerces 2 is currently under development. [Link to Xerces 2, once a project page has been created.]


Distributions containing binaries, source, and examples are available on the Crimson download page.

Usage Examples

See the sample programs in the "examples" directory for example use cases. Also, check the JAXP specification for more information.

Source Repository

The latest code is available via the CVS source repository. Please see the repository page for more information on access. Use the provided Ant build.xml file to generate binaries.

Mailing List

There is no mailing list specific to the Crimson project. Please use the general@xml.apache.org mailing list to discuss Crimson issues.

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