2011/08/15 - Apache Xindice has been retired.

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Xindice Release 1.0 Upgrading How-To

Intended audience

This How-to is aimed at developers or administrator performing upgrade of 1.0 release of Xindice to the final 1.1 release.


Shutdown. Shutdown the database before starting upgrade process.

Backup. Always back up your database before starting an upgrade.

Upgrade Steps


Xindice 1.0 and 1.1 have significant differences, namely:

  • Transport. Xindice 1.0 used CORBA for communications between clients and the server. Xindice 1.1 uses XML-RPC instead, which is a lightweight XML over HTTP communication protocol. Due to cross platform nature of XML-RPC, clients in Perl or PHP can be easily written for the Xindice 1.1.
  • XMLObjects. Xindice 1.1 does not have support for Xindice 1.0 XMLObjects.


Despite all of the differences, steps for upgrading from Xindice 1.0 are all the same as if upgrading from any of Xindice 1.1 betas. Please follow the steps outlined here.

If you run into problems, don't worry. Be sure to send feedback so that we can improve these documents for the next person.

by Vadim Gritsenko

version 598114