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XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator Class Reference

#include <XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator.hpp>

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ArenaAllocator< ObjectType > XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator::ArenaAllocatorType<ObjectType>

typedef ObjectType::IndexType XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator::IndexType

typedef XalanSourceTreeElementNA XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator::ObjectType

typedef ArenaAllocatorType::size_type XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator::size_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator::XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator ( MemoryManagerType & theManager,
size_type theBlockCount )

Construct an instance that will allocate blocks of the specified size.

theBlockSize   The block size.

XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator::~XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator ( )

Member Function Documentation

ObjectType * XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator::create ( const XalanDOMString & theTagName,
XalanSourceTreeDocument * theOwnerDocument,
XalanNode * theParentNode = 0,
XalanNode * thePreviousSibling = 0,
XalanNode * theNextSibling = 0,
IndexType theIndex = 0 )

Create an instance.

theTagName   The tag name of the element
theOwnerDocument   The document that owns the instance
theParentNode   The parent node, if any.
thePreviousSibling   The previous sibling, if any.
theNextSibling   The next sibling, if any.
theIndex   The document-order index of the node.

pointer to the instance

size_type XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator::getBlockCount ( ) const

Get size of an ArenaBlock, that is, the number of objects in each block.

The size of the block

size_type XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator::getBlockSize ( ) const

Get the number of ArenaBlocks currently allocated.

The number of blocks.

void XalanSourceTreeElementNAAllocator::reset ( )

Delete all objects from allocator.

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