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XalanDOMImplementation Class Reference

#include <XalanDOMImplementation.hpp>

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Public Methods

Getter functions
Functions introduced in DOM Level 2.

Protected Methods

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XalanDOMImplementation::XalanDOMImplementation ( )

XalanDOMImplementation::~XalanDOMImplementation ( ) [virtual]

XalanDOMImplementation::XalanDOMImplementation ( const XalanDOMImplementation & theSource ) [protected]

Member Function Documentation

XalanDocument * XalanDOMImplementation::createDocument ( const XalanDOMString & namespaceURI,
const XalanDOMString & qualifiedName,
const XalanDocumentType & doctype ) [pure virtual]

Creates an XML Document object of the specified type with its document element.

namespaceURI   The namespace URI of the document element to create, or null.
qualifiedName   The qualified name of the document element to be created.
doctype   The type of document to be created or null.

When doctype is not null, its Node.ownerDocument attribute is set to the document being created.

A new Document object.
DOMException   WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR: Raised if doctype has already been used with a different document.

Reimplemented in XercesDOMImplementationWrapper, and XercesDOMImplementationBridge.

XalanDocumentType * XalanDOMImplementation::createDocumentType ( const XalanDOMString & qualifiedName,
const XalanDOMString & publicId,
const XalanDOMString & systemId ) [pure virtual]

Creates an empty DocumentType node.

Entity declarations and notations are not made available. Entity reference expansions and default attribute additions do not occur. It is expected that a future version of the DOM will provide a way for populating a DocumentType.

qualifiedName   The qualified name of the document type to be created.
publicId   The external subset public identifier.
systemId   The external subset system identifier.
A new DocumentType node with Node.ownerDocument set to null.

Reimplemented in XercesDOMImplementationWrapper, and XercesDOMImplementationBridge.

bool XalanDOMImplementation::hasFeature ( const XalanDOMString & feature,
const XalanDOMString & version ) [pure virtual]

Test if the DOM implementation implements a specific feature.

feature   The string of the feature to test (case-insensitive). The legal values are defined throughout this specification. The string must be an XML name (see also Compliance).
version   This is the version number of the package name to test. In Level 1, this is the string "1.0". If the version is not specified, supporting any version of the feature will cause the method to return true.
true if the feature is implemented in the specified version, false otherwise.

Reimplemented in XercesDOMImplementationWrapper, and XercesDOMImplementationBridge.

XalanDOMImplementation & XalanDOMImplementation::operator= ( const XalanDOMImplementation & theSource ) [protected]

bool XalanDOMImplementation::operator== ( const XalanDOMImplementation & theRHS ) const [protected]

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