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XNodeSetAllocator Class Reference

#include <XNodeSetAllocator.hpp>

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Public Types

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ReusableArenaAllocator< nodeset_type > XNodeSetAllocator::ArenaAllocatorType<nodeset_type>

typedef XPathExecutionContext::BorrowReturnMutableNodeRefList XNodeSetAllocator::BorrowReturnMutableNodeRefList

typedef XNodeSet XNodeSetAllocator::nodeset_type

typedef ArenaAllocatorType::size_type XNodeSetAllocator::size_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XNodeSetAllocator::XNodeSetAllocator ( MemoryManagerType & theManager,
size_type theBlockCount )

Construct an instance that will allocate blocks of the specified size.

theBlockSize   The block size.

XNodeSetAllocator::~XNodeSetAllocator ( )

Member Function Documentation

nodeset_type * XNodeSetAllocator::createNodeSet ( BorrowReturnMutableNodeRefList & value )

Create an XNodeSet object using allocator from a string.

value   source NodeRefListBase

pointer to a node

bool XNodeSetAllocator::destroy ( nodeset_type * theNodeSet )

Delete an XNodeSet object from allocator.

size_type XNodeSetAllocator::getBlockCount ( ) const

Get size of an ArenaBlock, that is, the number of objects in each block.

The size of the block

size_type XNodeSetAllocator::getBlockSize ( ) const

Get the number of ArenaBlocks currently allocated.

The number of blocks.

bool XNodeSetAllocator::ownsObject ( const nodeset_type * theObject )

Determine if an object is owned by the allocator...

void XNodeSetAllocator::reset ( )

Delete all XNodeSet objects from allocator.

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