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2010/08/06 - Apache Crimson has been retired.

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2001-10-03, 3 Oct 2001

The latest and most stable Crimson distribution is version 1.1.3. There are separate binary and source distributions in both *.tar.gz and *.zip formats. The *.tar.gz format works on both unix and Windows systems. The *.zip format has permission problems on unix.

This Crimson release is a bug-fix release of the previous Crimson releases, such as versions 1.1.1 and 1.1. It implements the parsing portions of JAXP specification version 1.1 which include SAX 2.0 and DOM Level 2 APIs. A JAXP FAQ is available at See the README documentation within the distribution for more information.

2001-10-31 Fixed bug in example program. No other changes.